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November Home Maintenance

November Home Maintenance

Can you believe that November is here?  2020 has been one crazy year and a year that has seen more people spend more time indoors than ever before. Home Depot has remained open and made shopping safer in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and continues to do so. Online shopping has grown in popularity and thanks to We Are Coupons this has become an even cheaper place to shop. Using Home Depot Discount Coupons ensures you get the best products that are already at the best price for even less. 

Each month of the year there are home maintenance tasks that need to be completed. The tasks for November are all fairly straightforward and include:

Clean the Garbage Disposal Unit

This must be the yuckiest of all home maintenance tasks, but someone has to do it. Cleaning toilets is one thing but cleaning out and maybe even servicing your garbage disposal unit is a must do task at least once a year. It is not actually a difficult task but before the biggest celebrations of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it makes sense to give your garbage disposal unit a really good clean. To do so all you need do is pour half a cup of baking soda into the machine followed by some vinegar. Let it froth for a few minutes and then pour in some boiling water. Let it rest again and then flush with cold water. Really easy but a task you will never regret.

Check out your plumbing

We are coming to a busy time for your home with potentially many guests. November is the best time to give your plumbing a good once over. Check that the faucets do not leak, check toilers flush correctly, look for small leaks in places you rarely venture. November is the ideal time to clean or replace all those little aerators on your faucets and maybe even install a new showerhead or at least give it a good clean.

Safety Check

Again, as your home could become potentially busy, November is the best time for all those safety checks. Test and check all your smoke alarms, test fire extinguishers and check for gas leaks if you have gas appliances. These little checks are vitally important and ensure your home is kept as safe as possible.

Heating Systems

November is the perfect time to service your HVAC and other heating systems. Clean the filters or call in an expert to service your HVAC. Winter is setting in fast and you want your home to be warm. If you have a woodburning stove November is the ideal time to stock up on firewood.

Make the home festive

Not really home maintenance but still important. November is the time when you can begin to make your home feel festive. It is time to pull out your winter décor or head to Home Depot and buy some new décor items to make you house feel like a home!

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