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Simple Things: The Flush Toilet

Simple Things:  The Flush Toilet

Home Depot is store many of us take for granted. This big orange store with helpful people is the place many of us frequent to keep our homes maintained.  With Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons, Home maintenance with Home Depot Costs less.  There are many things like Home Depot that we take for granted and each week we take a look at these items. This we we have a quick look at the flush toilet.

A Choice of Toilets

There are a variety of toilet-types and models available in the market today. This includes old types, wall-tank models, conventional reservoir tank toilets, back flush and rear flush toilets, water saving toilets, and many others.


All of these toilets, regardless of the type or style, function to receive and dispose human wastes in a sanitary way. In the old days, chamber pots and outhouses were used to such task, which were proven to be very inconvenient. In the late 1800's, modern toilets were introduced including the modern-flush toilets.

A Toilet Revolution

This revolutionized human waste disposal system where waste is flushed out by water into a private septic tank. In 1890, early flush WCs or water closets made use of wooden reservoir tanks mounted highly on the wall. The wall-mounted tank provided enough pressure for the water to flow in order to adequately clean and empty the toilet bowl from waste. Nowadays, this system has been significantly improved. Modern toilets now have tanks attached to the bowl allowing for more efficient flushing and water flow control.

Flush Valves

A flush valve toilet like the rear flush toilet or the back flush toilet heavily relies on water pressure without the use of the usual toilet tank. This type of toilet has been used since the 1920's with nothing much of its concept changed.

Rear Flush

The rear flush WC sends waste out of the bowl towards the rear of the toilet where it passes through a waste line in the house or building rather than in the floor. Alternatively, there are also back-flush toilets that use reservoir tanks depending on the need or special situations.

Different Toilets for Different Cultures

There are some cultural variations as to how these WCs are made. In Germany and some parts of Europe, a toilet bowl that allows human waste to rest on a ledge before flushing away is not uncommon. It is typically made or manufactured in reverse to most toilet types used in Western countries. With this, the sewer outlet is found towards the front of the bowl not at the rear.

Today we take our simple flush toilet for granted but next time you take a seat on what some call a throne spare a thought for those who never once had the luxury of the power of a simple flush.

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