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DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Christmas Gifts

Lowes has every kind of gift in store for the DIY fanatic. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons Christmas shopping costs less. Whether you're shopping for a DIY lover on your list or one that has a crafty friend, there are a variety of DIY holiday gift ideas to consider. These gifts may include Mason jar gifts, candles, and Tea trees. If you're looking for unique DIY gifts that have a personal touch, consider a Christmas present made from an old French fry box.


DIY holiday gifts

DIY gifts for the DIY lover include hand-painted ceramics and a homemade condiment. Both gifts can be inexpensive and personal. To make a hand-painted ceramic, simply use an old plate. Then, gather ingredients and create a homemade condiment. Add a personalized label for a personalized touch.


DIY holiday gifts for a DIY lover can be fun, inexpensive, and meaningful. These handmade items can be the main present or a stocking stuffer. For a last-minute gift, consider making a sugar scrub with coconut oil and gingerbread spice. Alternatively, make a homemade nativity scene with paint and your imagination. You can also make bath fizzies with a few simple ingredients, which are perfect to package in a plush bathrobe.


Tea trees

Tea trees make lovely Christmas gift ideas for DIY enthusiasts. These colorful trees can be decorated with Aleene's Instant Tacky Glue Dots, and then decorated with ribbon or a shining star. If you're looking for a gift for a tea lover who loves to create things, you can make one for them with a few inexpensive materials.


You can also turn tea tins into adorable clocks. Bonnie came up with this idea and it's easy to make and looks adorable.



Candles can be a lovely gift for a DIY lover, but they don't have to be complicated. You can purchase care kits with everything you need to create a perfect candle for your loved one. These kits come with wick trimming tools, a wick dipper, and a bell snuffer. The bell snuffer helps you quickly put out a flame, preventing soot and smoke from filling the room and blowing the wax everywhere. The wick dipper is an essential tool for dipping candles into melted wax. Keeping the wick in the wax allows for easier re-lighting.


A handmade Christmas candle can be adorned with words or unique patterns. You can also incorporate a mistletoe motif into the candle. For instance, if your loved one loves Christmas, you can create a mistletoe candle for them. You can make a candle in a jar that is lined with white foam, and cover the bottom with fabric or beads to simulate a piece of mistletoe.

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