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Best Appliances to give as wedding gifts

Best Appliances to give as wedding gifts

Summer is fast approaching and that means that weddings are on their way too. There is something cheesy and corny about giving an appliance as a wedding gift and toasters and electric can openers are somewhat cliché. Lowes has a wide range of superb appliances that you can give as great wedding gifts and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon you can save money on the gift you choose.  For a couple just starting out appliances make a great gift but what can you choose other than the pop up toaster?

Stand Mixer

For some strange reason a stand mixer has become a popular wedding gift. These are tremendously versatile gifts and perhaps indicate a sense of homeliness and love of baking and cooking. Perfect for making pastry and cakes a stand mixer can also make ice cream. So have addons the are great for mincing meat, making smoothies and even grating food. A good quality stand mixer will last a lifetime and be a welcome gift.

Coffee Maker

A good coffee maker is an ideal wedding gift. Good coffee is something at the heart of a good marriage, or so they say. There are many types of coffee machine on the market but a good quality machine with a number of settings will be welcome gift and fill the new home with the waft of the magical aroma of coffee. Even the smell of good coffee simply makes a marriage stronger as it fill the home with happiness.


A juicer is great wedding gift and is an appliance that soon becomes invaluable. Freshly squeezed juice is unbelievably healthy, and a healthy couple is a happy couple. A juicer is something a lot of people would not normally buy because it is not deemed essentially but when given as a wedding gift it will soon become one of the most used wedding gifts in the home.

Ice Cream maker

Ice Cream is the food of love, so many people say and an Ice Cream maker is a more unusual appliance that couples would not normally go out and buy. An Ice Cream maker is somewhat of a luxury item but one that will make a wonderful wedding present.

Bread Maker

The final wedding gift appliance is a bread maker because nothing makes a home feel more like home that smell of baking bread. Lowes has a good selection if bread makers to choose from, all of which you can save money on with a Lowes Printable Coupon.

So, of you have a wedding coming up and if you are stuck for wedding gift ideas head down to your nearest Lowes store and get something any happy couple will just adore.

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