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Thanksgiving Gifts from Lowes

Thanksgiving Gifts from Lowes

November is here and suddenly we have to start thinking of gifts for people. Suddenly Thanksgiving is only a matter of a few weeks away. All year we have had time to think of gifts or even buy them, but if you are like most people it is all now down to the last minute. Lowes doesn’t sound like the obvious place to shop for gifts. However, armed with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons, Lowes is a haven of gifts for the DIY Lover in your home. Here are a few Thanksgiving gift ideas.

Wooden Chisel Set

For the craftsman in your house a set of a wooden handles in case would make a superb gift. These old school tools will delight any carpenter and will be something they will treasure for a lifetime. A quality gift that really says Thank You.

A full socket set

Any man will love a full socket set.  High quality chrome, stainless steel sockets with the complete array of wrenches looks stunning and will see the jaw drop on anyone who is good with their hands.  A complete socket set is a dream gift for many men, and women, and the appreciation of such a gift will be felt for many years.

A complete Household Tool Kit

If your home has a few screwdrivers here, a wrench there and others tools everywhere home maintenance can be a nightmare. A thanksgiving gift for the man of the house and indeed the entire family would be a complete household tool kit.  With a selection of tools for every job around the home this gift is something only Lowes knows how to deliver!

Aerating Shower Head

This doesn’t sound like much of a gift when presented to the household. However, once installed, an aerating showerhead will make the entire family happy. Suddenly shower time becomes awesome and what they don’t know is that you use far less water and save money at the same time.  Say thank you to everyone with an aerating showerhead for your bathroom!

3D Printer

Who said Lowes was just a hardware store?  If you really want to amaze someone in your home this Thanksgiving the gift if a 3D printer will blow their mind. Fast becoming the thing to have in the home, a 3D printer is at first a gimmick or a novelty but before long you start to wonder how you did without one.

Google Nest Hub Max Smart Speaker 

Making your home smarter is what most households are looking to do in 2021.  This Thanksgiving anyone would love to receive a Google Nest Hub Max Smart Speaker. The latest in smart technology for any home this device takes home automation to a new level. There is a wide selection of Google Nest Products available instore at Lowes and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you make your home smart for less.


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