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Unusual Things to Buy at Lowes

Unusual Things to Buy at Lowes

When most people think of a hardware store like Lowe's, they think of tools, building supplies, and home improvement items. However, there are many strange and unexpected things you can find at a hardware store that you may not have considered before. In this article, we'll explore some of the weirdest and most unusual items you can find at Lowe's and you can save money on all of these with a Lowes Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons.


Insect Traps

If you're dealing with a pest problem, Lowe's has a variety of insect traps that can help. You can find traps for ants, roaches, flies, and other insects. These traps use a variety of methods, including glue, pheromones, and ultraviolet light, to attract and trap pests.


Lawn Gnomes

Looking for a quirky addition to your lawn or garden? Look no further than Lowe's. They carry a variety of lawn gnomes in different styles and sizes, from classic garden gnomes to more unusual options like zombie gnomes and astronaut gnomes.


Christmas Trees

You may not expect to find Christmas trees at a hardware store, but Lowe's has you covered. During the holiday season, you can find a variety of live and artificial trees in different sizes and styles. You can also find ornaments, lights, and other decorations to complete your holiday look.


Sausage Stuffers

Yes, you read that right – Lowe's carries sausage stuffers. If you're a fan of making your own sausages or other meat products, you can find everything you need at Lowe's, including sausage stuffers, grinders, and casings.


Unusual Plants

Lowe's carries a variety of plants and gardening supplies, but they also have some unusual options you may not have considered before. You can find carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps and pitcher plants, as well as unique varieties of succulents and cacti.


Tarot Cards

For the more spiritually inclined, Lowe's carries a selection of tarot cards. While this may seem like an odd item for a hardware store, it's not entirely out of place – tarot cards are often used as a tool for introspection and personal growth.



While candles may not seem like an unusual item on their own, Lowe's carries a variety of unique and interesting candle options. You can find candles in different shapes, sizes, and scents, including novelty options like bacon-scented candles and beer-scented candles.


Halloween Decorations

Just like with Christmas trees, you may not expect to find Halloween decorations at a hardware store. But Lowe's has you covered with a variety of spooky decorations, including skeletons, witches, and haunted house props.


Bonsai Trees

If you're looking for a unique addition to your indoor space, consider a bonsai tree. Lowe's carries a variety of bonsai trees in different styles and sizes, as well as the tools and supplies you need to care for them.


Animal Repellents

If you're dealing with unwanted visitors in your yard, Lowe's has a variety of animal repellents that can help. You can find repellents for deer, rabbits, squirrels, and other animals that can damage your plants and lawn.


In conclusion, Lowe's is more than just a hardware store – it's a treasure trove of weird and unexpected items. From insect traps and sausage stuffers to tarot cards and bonsai trees, you can find a variety of unique and interesting items at Lowe's. So next time you're in the market for home improvement supplies, don't forget to take a stroll down the aisles and see what strange and wonderful things you can find.

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