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Know your mugs

Know your mugs

Home Depot is well known for its massive selection of everything you need for around the home. One thing Home Depot has a wide range of is cups and mugs. Using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can save money on everything and everything online at the largest store in the USA.

Coffee Mugs may sound like something we are all familiar with but not all coffee mugs are alike. In this article we will teach you a few things about coffee mugs that may just make you think. Remember there is no such thing as just a coffee mug, some people are very fussy!

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Ceramic Coffee mugs are perhaps the most common coffee mug, and there is a good reason. Ceramic is the best material to keep your coffee hot and perfect for you to drink. However, the real benefit of ceramic mugs is that while your coffee is kept hot, the outside of the mug stays cool. Ceramic mugs leave not aftertaste in the coffee and can come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors. Ceramic mugs and the best all round mug.

Glass Coffee Mugs

For the best looking coffee in the world you need a glass coffee mug. Glass Coffee mugs keep your coffee warm to the taste but thinner mugs especially can be warmer to the touch. A key thing to look for in a glass coffee mug is a strong handle, you can generally see a good quality glass mug a mile away because of its handle. As a very aesthetically pleasing coffee mug glass mugs and with glass everything do not travel particularly well.

Travel Mug

We all know what travel mugs are, some people swear by them and others do not. These mugs are insulated and very strong designed for those drinking coffee on the move or outdoors. Good quality stainless steel mugs can keep coffee hot for at least 24 hours and therefore it is worthwhile investing in a better mug. There is a vast difference in the quality of travel mugs, very often those given away as brand incentives are often not such great quality, far from inferior but you will notice the difference.

Another wonderful thing about travel coffee mugs is that you can use them in your favorite coffee shop and do your bit for the environment!

Reusable Coffee Mugs

In some ways these are similar to a travel mug but they are not insulated. They can be used for drinking coffee on the move and are really handy, ideal for the commute to work. Very often you can upgrade your coffee shop coffee and get a reusable mug or you can buy some from Home Depot, you will never regret it!


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