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Buying a Hedge Trimmer

Buying a Hedge Trimmer

Home Depot is as much about your garden as it your home.  With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything you need for your garden.  It may still only be January and your garden may not feel very welcoming. However, before you know it you will be out in your garden carrying out the many tasks of early spring.  One job you will need to do is trim your hedges. To do this you need a good hedge trimmer, but how do you choose one?

How much hedge?

One of the determining factors behind the choice of hedge trimmer is the size and amount of hedge you need to trim and cut back. The type of bush your hedge is grown from can also determine the hedge trimmer you need. Larger hedges need a more robust or even professional hedge trimmer while smaller hedge may need something less substantial. The right hedge trimmer for the job will also make to the job easier;  to big and the job will be as hard work as will be if your hedge trimmer is not adequate for the job.

Powering your hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmers, like lawnmowers, come in a variety of types and sizes.  The size of the hedge trimmer is also linked to the power source of the machine.  There are essentially three methods of powering a hedge trimmer:  Electric, Battery and Gas.  Each type of machine differs slightly and knowing what is right for you is important.

Electric Hedge Trimmer

Electric hedge trimmers require an extension cord and an outlet, but they can run for as long as you need. If your hedges are only 100 to 200 feet from your home and you'll only use it a few times a year, an electric hedge trimmer can be an inexpensive option.

Battery Hedge Trimmer

Battery-powered equipment has had a significant impact on the garden equipment market particularly for compared to gas-powered tools. Battery powered hedge trimmers are now just as powerful their gas powered alternatives and offer the same level of versatility, When completely charged, battery-powered hedge trimmers may run for up to two hours. They are eight to nine pounds in weight, require little to no care.

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Gas-powered hedge trimmers are suitable for homeowners or professionals who trim hedges on a regular basis or who have larger hedges that need maintaining. Because the engine runs on a mixture of gas and oil, Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers  require more maintenance than battery-powered and electric trimmers. In addition, the engine may require servicing from time to time, especially after spending the winter in the garage. Hedge trimmers fueled by gas range in price from $150 to $600.


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