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Buying Bed Sheets

Buying Bed Sheets

You spend a lot of your life in your bed sleeping and rejuvenating for the next day's activity. Sleeping is a process that takes up roughly about about a third of the average person's life. So it makes sense that you would want to make your bed comfortable and a pleasure to be in. It also is a nice bonus if the bedding you choose enhances the overall decor of your home. Lowes has an amazing selection of bed sheets and with a  Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons can save you plenty of money on  a good night’s sleep.

Bed sheets are the most important part of the overall bedding most people use, and here are a few tips for choosing the best bed sheets for your bed.


Size is an important factor when considering the bed sheets for you. It the past, mattresses were standard sizes and so you could buy sheets in the same standard sizes: "Full", "Queen", and "King". While standard sizes are still common today, mattress manufacturers have gone to adding more features to their mattresses to make them appeal to a wider range of customers, like adding pillow tops on one side or even both sides of the mattress. These changes make the mattress wider and thus any bed sheets on the bed will need to be bigger. For this reason, it makes sense to actually measure your bed in advance and make sure that the sheets will fit your particular mattress before buying them. You may have to buy one size larger or more to fit your bed.

Thread Count

Thread count is an important consideration when buying bed sheets and people today have a better understanding of this than in the past. Thread count per inch, or TPI, states how many threads are in a square inch of the bed sheet material. In most cases anything over 250 makes for a softer, more comfortable feel. The sheets tend to last longer and hold up under more use and very often represent great value for money even when  the outlay is a little higher. As a word of advice is isbest to avoid bed sheets that have very low thread counts under 200.


Bed sheet material can vary considerably, from cotton to exotic silks. Cotton is the most popular choice, but you may also want to experiment with flannels that make for warmer sheets in winter, and cotton mixed fabrics that are comfortable and perfect for those on a budget. Satin and silk sheets are considered the best in terms of luxury and tend to be expensive. There are those who really enjoy this material as bed sheets, and won’t use anything else.

Color and Pattern

After practical considerations, you just have to decide what colors and patterns that you want on your bed. It is best to try to stay within the overall theme of your bedroom's decor. Selecting bed sheets is easy if you follow these basic guidelines, and they will reward you with years of good service.






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