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How to choose a bike for a kid

If you are an avid cyclist and if your child is wanting to get up on two wheels you need to choose him or her a good bike and ideally the right bike. A bike today is not just a bike and there are countless sizes, makes and styles to choose from at Home Depot, you can also save money on buying your child a bike by using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon.  At end of the day, choosing the right bike for your kids is essential and much has to do with the size and age of the child as it does the machine when purchasing or planning to purchase a first or next bicycle.

Adult bikes are sized on frame height or length with an element of wheel size. Kids bikes are sized a little differently with a greater focus on wheel size and in the early days wheel count. Starting out you child may well feel a little wobbly or less confident on 2 wheels and a tricycle with 3 wheels is a great way to introduce cycling. Kids on a tricycle will easily follow mom or dad with confidence and will cycle on their own around a garden without at worry.

Age: 1 to 3

For ages 1 to 3 a tricycle is a superb choice of starter bike. About 40cm tall with a 10 inch front wheel would be perfect. A tricycle will introduce them to cycling and boost confidence at an early stage. Unlike the ultra-familiar black plastic bike and proper tricycle will have pedals that are often fixed to the front wheel.

Age: 2 to 4

Often called a balance bike these small cycles without pedals are very much a push bike that gets a young child to find their balance.  Most professional cyclists would agree that when teaching a child to ride a bicycle finding balance is the most difficult part of the job. A balance bike is the perfect step between tricycle and proper bicycle and the easiest way to get a child started on two wheels.

Age: 4 to 6

At around the age of 4 a proper, pedal-powered bicycle with 16 inch wheels can be introduced. Often fitted with training wheels or stabilisers these fun bikes are the first exposure to the world of two wheel riding. There is a downside to stabiliser or training wheels being fitted in that these wheels tend to become relied upon thus learning to balance takes longer. The balance bike is a step that many parents do not know about or skip and thus finding the way to two wheels takes a while. There is nothing wrong with training wheels but if you want your child on two wheels fast the balance bike is a good idea.

Age: 5 to 8

At around the age of 5 or 6, depending on balance, is where two-wheeled cycling opens up.  In a rush to get their children to follow them and in the hope to bike will last many parents buy a bike that is too big for their child. This can be detrimental the enjoyment of cycling and at a younger age, unless your child is particularly tall, it is recommended not to choose a bike with wheels bigger than 20 inches. The enjoyment and confidence will be self-evident and worth buying a slighting smaller machine.

Age: 8 to 12

From about the age of 10 your child will either just be a casual cyclist or could be a little more hard core or competitive. Bikes at this age can become a little more costly depending on the demand and the requirements.  But it is here that cycling becomes the real thing and mom and dad need to watch out as their little one will soon be winning races that not so long ago were too easy for a parent not to lose.

With these few steps you can now go and choose the perfect bicycle for your child and invest in something that will be bring many years of pleasure and enjoyment.


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