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How to get your Home Maintenance off to a Good Start in 2022

How to get your Home Maintenance off to a Good Start in 2022

January 2022 has arrived, two years into what has proven to be a challenging decade.  Home maintenance is a top priority for many and January 2022 should be the month you begin doing things as you intend to continue. Good home maintenance should be the one New Year’s  resolution you should do well and keep for the next twelve month.  With some help from Home Depot and a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons you can make home maintenance a resolution you can keep in the year ahead. But what can you do this early in year to make the year ahead better.

Plan your Projects

One thing that any homeowner can do to ensure 2022 is a home maintenance success is to plan your projects for the year ahead. Nearly every home needs work doing on it at some time and some projects are bigger than others.  With this is mind, planning your projects and even dreaming a little is vital.

A Good Clean

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year have perhaps taken their toll on your home.  To make things right one of the best things you can do at the very start of the year is you have a good clean.  A really deep clean, wiping down cabinets and hardware throughout the house can make sure you kick off 2022 with a not so much a blank canvas but at least a clean one.

A Home Inventory

The last twelve months have seen things used, go missing, break or get lost.  Having your home and yourself prepared for any and every eventuality is a good thing. Undertaking a full home inventory is therefore one of the most important things you can do at the beginning of the year and get you all set for the year ahead.

Filters Filters Filters

Your home is filled with filters of every kind. From water filters to HVAC filters and even filters on the dryer they all get used and they all need replacing. January is the perfect time to change every kind of filter and make a note of it.  New filters will give you fresh everything and that is just how a new year should start.

Sort your Closet Out

Another thing that makes a new year great is to sort out your closet. Throwing out old clothes that you have promised to do so for many years and getting your clothes in some sort of order feels good.  Some clothes can be moved to the front and be worn for the first time in years.

Wash your blankets and comforters

Winter has seen your blankets and comforters be used a lot.  January is the time when those blankets that have been used most need to be washed and cleaned.  Your new year will be off to a good start with clean blankets all set for next winter.

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