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How to choose a wine cooler

How to choose a wine cooler

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With a growing trend of enjoying a drink at home and an equally growing interest among all age groups for wine, wine coolers are becoming more popular. In fact, wine coolers are becoming a trendy must have for many Americans from young couples to large families.  So, how do you choose the right Wine Cooler for you?

What do you want and what can you spend?

When buying any appliance, your needs and your budget are always a top priority and the same is true with wine coolers.  If you are an entertainer and want to show off your wine and keep a good number of bottles chilled for larger numbers of families you need a different wine cooler to a small family who just want a few bottles kept cool for a glass or two every week. Furthermore, if you are a wine connoisseur you will be looking for additional features. Making a list of your must haves as part of your needs makes selecting the right wine cooler a lot easier. Bottle capacity, back lights, temperature zones and so on all make a difference and this difference is also noted in price. Basic wine coolers start from around $100 and prices can escalate into the tens of thousands if you really want.

Identify your needs and set a budget and stick with it.

The space you have

Few people have the luxury of a dedicated cellar or wine room for their wine to be stored and displayed in. It is fair to say that many people have limited space and thus a smaller machine may well be suited. If you are building a new kitchen from scratch you will have a lot more flexibility in the size of machine you can have and many new kitchen designers now factor a wine cooler into the design. From standalone machines to single or double door wine coolers the size of standard refrigerators, most homes have the space for a decent wine cooler. For those looking to store their wine in an entertainment area you also need to think about the space you have.


The average refrigerator runs too cold to store wine effectively for long periods and while many people think different wines need to be stored at different temperatures this is not exactly true. Many wine coolers have temperature zones, even smaller machines, and you can make use of this. How, the cooler is refrigerated is of concern to some people. Smaller machines often use thermoelectric cooling while larger ones use compressor cooling. Thermoelectric tends to cause vibration and wine connoisseurs say this causes problems with the sediment. It makes sense to ask before you buy.

Added features

Nearly all wine coolers have differing features such as LED lighting, digital displays and even alarms. All these features can add money to the price of the machine and at the end of the day, it is entirely up to you what you want.


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