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Lowes and COVID19

Lowes and COVID19

Many people are perhaps wondering what Lowes is doing in these uncertain tomes of COVID19 and The Coronavirus.  Lowes is taking the threat very seriously and has established many precautions to keep you safe. This means that stores will remain open where possible, meaning your Lowes Printable Coupons are still useable for the time being.

Lowes has established a task force to work closely with the CDC, health authorities and all stores across the country to ensure all necessary preventative measures are taken. They will continue to keep you, the valued customer, and their associates at the center of their planning and decision making. Communication is important at this time.

Lowes believes is sharing vital information with associates on the best ways to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy during this time. To help prevent the spread of the virus, they encourage anyone who feels unwell to stay home. Furthermore, new temporary time-off guidelines to give associates more flexibility and pay them for the time they need to stay home and get well.

Lowes stores have always been clean, however, extra cleaning and sanitation of stores is now a priority to keep associates and customers as safe as possible. Most frequented areas of all stores will receive extra attention, checkout lanes and bathroom especially. Lowes are taking COVID19 seriously.

With scenes of panic buying filling screens all over the world Lowes is asking people not to panic and is making plans to ensure vital supplies remain in stock.  Purchases of high demand items such as masks and cleaning supplies will be limited to ensure fairness.  Shelves will be replenished as quickly as possible.

Lowes will continue to run all services as usual. Should you have concerns about installations, deliveries or in-home consultations, Lowes can support you and offer flexibility to reschedule at your convenience. You are encouraged to contact Lowes at 1-800-445-6937 if you have questions or want to reschedule any services.

Read the letter from the Lowes CEO, Martin Ellison, Here

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