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Build a Treehouse with Lowes

Build a Treehouse with Lowes

A treehouse is something every child, and if we are honest, nearly every adult wants.  A treehouse is better than a den and so much more fun because it is not inside the house and is a home from home. A Treehouse is great fun and can be an imaginary anything but how do you go about building one and do you really need a tree? Lowes has all the answers, and all the tools and materials you need and with a Lowes Coupon from We Are Coupons you can build your treehouse for less.

Do I need a tree?

With so many new build homes that have a serious lack of mature trees, a treehouse can become a challenge. So here is a secret, you can still call a treehouse a treehouse even if you don’t have a big tree to build on or around. A treehouse can be a wooden cabin constructed off the ground on supports and pillars you have made, it will be exactly the same as a treehouse and kids won’t know any difference.

Your Lowes Treehouse

One thing you will need for a treehouse is some lumber and lowes can supply you with plenty of high-quality lumber at great prices. But before you start you will need a plan, there are many plans on how to build a treehouse that are available online, there are also books on the subject. Very often though, you can ask a staff member in your local Lowes Store about building a treehouse, and they will be more than grateful to help you. Lowes has experts in just about everything in every store, and treehouse experts are among the many resources you can find.


To build your treehouse, you will need the right tools. As everyone should know, Lowes has the best selection of tools at the best prices in the US. Using the right tools building your treehouse will be easier, faster and safer, you will also look the part too. Most treehouse plans have a comprehensive list of tools you will need in order to build the construction, you can use this as a tools shopping list at Lowes. Don’t forget to use your We Are Coupons Lowes Coupons to save money on your tools.

The cheat

There are of course those of us who are pretty useless when it comes to DIY and construction. Building a treehouse is a big project and one that is great for the entire family to get involved with. However, if you are not the most competent DIYer Lowes can sell you full-on outdoor fun center that your kids will love, perfect for a young family.  Lowes is all about family, and your family will love Lowes!

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