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Kithcen Trends for 2022

Kithcen Trends for 2022

This kitchen is the very heart of the home and no home is a home without one. No matter how big or small your home or kitchen is it is the place that people are drawn to. It is used by family and guests alike and Lowes knows that keeping your kitchen up to date is vital.  Whether you are looking for a new kitchen or want to do some simple or basic remodelling Lowes is a good place to go to for help.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on a small kitchen upgrade or even a complete new kitchen.  When you make changes or go for a new kitchen you need to know what is trending in terms of kitchens. Here are four kitchen trends that could be the biggest of 2022.

Green and Blue

In the final quarter of 2021 many kitchen designers saw a trend in terms of color that surprised a lot of people. No one is quite sure why but the conventional white kitchen that everyone is familiar with while still popular is being overtaken by a splash of color. Blue and Green kitchens have been among the most popular across the United States and this trend looks set to continue well into 2022. Green and Blue kitchens are fairly easy on the eye and compliment the many metallic parts and elements that make a kitchen what it is. Green and Blue also makes a refreshing change from the ordinary and well-designed kitchens in these colors are absolutely jaw-dropping.

Real Coffee

Perhaps it has been the growth of people working from home and now demanding coffee as good as or better than  that of the office or local coffee shop that has seen a growth in real coffee machines becoming an essential part of the kitchen. Coffee machines have been a part of typical American kitchen for many years but today the demand for an upmarket, high quality machines is very noticeable.  Those looking to install a complete new kitchen are setting aside considerable budget for a decent coffee machine and those looking to make their existing kitchen better are spending hundreds of dollars of a good coffee machine.

Work from Home Space

Kitchens have become the work from home space for many people and one trend that is likely to flow into 2022.  At first, just decluttering the worktops was enough to make a space to work from home but trends for 2022 predict that a dedicated in or linked to the kitchen  will be the in thing for the year ahead.

Metallic Detail

The final thing that many think will the one of the biggest kitchen trends of 2022 is metallic detailing. Incorporating more brass and copper in a kitchen can look extremely stylish, especially in dark kitchens where some sparkle is always welcome. Added metallic touches help with the work from home, Zoom-friendly kitchen that will very much be the kitchen of the year ahead!

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