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An exterior makeover with Lowes for under $100

An exterior makeover with Lowes for under $100

The exterior and garage of your home are often neglected as places that require a makeover.  A makeover of these places can create space, add some functionality and really make things just that bit more homely.  With a little help from Lowes and with one or two of our Lowes Printable Coupons you can tidy up and improve the exterior of you home for less than $100.

Kill the Weeds Mow the Lawn

Killing a few weeds and cutting the grass make a massive difference to your home. You may need to buy some weed killer from Lowes and a Lowes Printable Coupon can be used for this. Furthermore, you might need a few garden things for your garden just to make things look better, Lowes has a wide range of garden items that you can use to make your garden better.


Part of your garden makeover is to make sure your garden grows.  Planting a few flower seeds or even vegetables is a wonderful way to make your garden a delight. However, these may need to be fertilized, as may the grass and Lowes is the best place to purchase the right fertilizer for your garden.

Clear out the Garage

Garages can become untidy and nearly everyone uses their garage as a dumping ground for unwanted or unused items.  Having a good garage clear out and maybe a garage sale is a wonderful way to uplift your home. My selling a few things you no longer need you may have some money to spend at Lowes on things you do need.

Shelves and Hooks

On clearing out the garage you will begin to see you need more space. Do you use your garage as a storeroom rather than a place to park your car?  If you need more space so you can store stuff and park your car you need to consider some shelves and hooks.  Lowes has an amazing range of storage ideas that can completely transform your garage into a very functional and practical space.

Overall you do not have to spend a lot of money to improve the exterior of your home and Lowes has all the options and ideas you will ever need. With a Lowes Printable Coupon you can save money on all these ideas and make your dreams a reality.

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