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All Stuck Up: A Glue for every need

All Stuck Up: A Glue for every need

Glue is just glue, right?  Wrong. While all glues are pretty much developed to do the same thing, stick stuff to stuff, there are many different types of glue. A quick visit to your nearest Lowes store will prove this to you, and while you are in Lowes why not grab a handy Lowes Money Off Coupon and save some bucks with We Are Coupons. But what are the basic things about glue you need to know?

Craft Glue

Craft Glue is one for the first glues many people will recognise and it is the one that forms part of every stationary kit for every student or practitioner of art. Water based, low on toxicity and perfect for sticking paper and other crafty things together this basic glue is easily wiped up if spilt and washes out of clothing with ease. Lowes always has this in stock!

Wood Glue

Wood glue, as the name suggests, is specifically a glue that has been designed to stick pieces of wood together. For instance, epoxy, hide glue, and polyurethane glue to name a few, are all different types of wood glue.

There different types and strengths of wood glue for different woods, different uses and different purposes of what the item being glued might have. Be sure to ask for help when you are not sure what glue you want, the staff in your nearest Lowes store can help you.

Super Glue

This is the glue often sold in tiny tubes and the one that easily sticks fingers together. Super glue is a cyanoacrylate adhesive that is known for its quick adhesive property coupled with its ability to form super strong and durable bonds with a clean dry finish. Superglue is one of the most versatile glues on the market and can repair just about anything.

Fabric Glue

Another specialist glue designed to stick pieces of fabric together. There are a handful of different types of fabric glue available.

Hot Glue

Hot Glue is an extremely strong and versatile glue sold in solid sticks for use with a glue gun. Well-known to stick just about anything hot glue is one of the most popular glues for use around the home

Epoxy Glue

Known for their extreme strength, epoxy glues are often sold in two containers that can be mixed to produce glues of different bonding ability. In many ways epoxy glue was the original super glue such is its versatility and strength. Some epoxies are multi-purpose while others are particularly formulated for certain objects like wood, plastic, marble, etc.

Glue Stick

And finally, back to the school pencil case. Glue sticks are the perfect glue in a tube when you have kids in the house. Safe and easy to use, Lowes has a terrific range of glue sticks at the best prices.

Now you know a little about the types of glue, once you know the glue you need head down to your nearest glue with a Lowes Money Off Coupon in hand and save money on the already low prices!

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