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5 Best Charities to Support with your Savings at Lowes

5 Best Charities to Support with your Savings at Lowes

With a We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupons we save you money. Using Lowes money off coupons you can save a significant amount of money and from time to time we like to give you a few ideas on how to spend your savings. This time we have found some of the charities to support where your money could come in very handy.

Animal Charity: American Humane

For anyone who cares about animals American Humane is well worth supporting. Since 1877, American Humane has helped thousands or both wild and domesticated animals gain the care they need.  Support for this well respected charity goes toward shelter, urgent medical care and of course foster homes for the animals. American Humane educates people about the importance of animals in society.

Cancer Charity: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

For anyone who has been impacted by devastation of Cancer finding a cure really does mean something.  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is one of the top cancer research organisations in the world and through their work many breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of Breast Cancer have been developed. Your support could help save many lives.

Veterans Charity: Hope for the Warriors

There are very few families in the United States that does not have some form of military connection. Those who have served in the armed forces who may have lost their lives or been seriously injured paid a very high price for their services. To help the families and the veterans themselves Hope For the Warriors makes superb place to donate some spare change

Environmental:  World Resources Institute

With growing concern for the life of our planet and more people are looking for ways to help protect endangered habitats and change climate and environmental practices both at home and around the world. World Resources Institute works in over 50 countries to address the topics of climate, food, water, energy, cities and transport, and forests. This is the perfect way to donate some of the savings you have made at Lowes with a Lowes Money Off Coupon.

Children: Prevent Child Abuse America

Children are our future and yet so many are deprived of the life they deserve. Prevent Child Abuse America has programs that directly relate to its mission of stopping child abuse and neglect in the US. Prevent Child Abuse America uses donations to run parent education programs and to advocate for federal policies that promote children’s health and safety.


At We Are Coupons we help you save money at Lowes nationwide. Why don’t you consider donating your savings from just one shop to a good cause and see what a difference it makes!




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