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How to choose a new couch from Lowes and save money

How to choose a new couch from Lowes and save money

Buying new furniture is always fun and makes a person feel good. Lowes have a wide range of home furnishings at the very best prices that you can reduce further using a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons. It is all well and good buying new furniture but how do you choose the right furniture?  When it comes to couches there is so much to consider, so how do you choose the right couch from Lowes?

Take your time

The biggest problem with us all these days is that we are all in such a rush. If you really want the best couch for your space, then hurrying and rushing is not the way to do it. When trying out a couch a quick sit is nowhere near long enough to know if it is the right one for you. Thankfully, Lowes does not have pushy salesmen forcing you to buy the first couch you sit on, they know you need a little time to feel if it is right for you. 

Test a few styles

Even if there are a few styles that you have convinced yourself that are a definite “not over my dead body” still try the seat. You need to try a few styles, without rushing (see above) and get to feel what works best for you. You need to not only consider comfort but the depth of the seat, tall people work better with deep seats. You may prefer cushions over a straight back couch, try both.  When trying out each couch kick your shoes off, not only will this make you feel more at home, but it also shows respect and doesn’t dirty the showroom model.

The Goldilocks Test

Remember how Goldilocks tested each bed in the cottage for softness, firmness, and overall comfort. Well this Goldilocks test is exactly how you need to test a new  couch. Different styles and different fillings create differing levels of comfort, softness, and general feel good for you. Test different fillings for the same model of couch, some do offer this and you will find that couch that is not too hard, not too soft but just perfect as happened in the fairy-tale.

The fabric test

You might have your heart set on a leather couch and there is nothing wrong with that. When it comes to the material the couch is finished in you firstly need to consider who will be using it. If you have boisterous kids and a house full of full of beans dogs leather may look amazing but you may regret it later. Check out various finishes and fabrics, test them for comfort but also ask about how they wear and how easy they are to keep clean – many people forget about this.

Your home

Finally, your home and the size of the room matter, you must make sure your new couch fits in your room and ideally it should go with your décor.  Once this works having done all they above you are A for Away with your new couch

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