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What to do between Christmas and New Year

What to do between Christmas and New Year

Christmas Day has been and gone and so has Boxing Day.  We are now in  that limbo period between Christmas and New Year. You have opened all your gifts that someone may have bought from  Lowes using a money saving Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons, said all your Happy Christmas’s and eaten all the food in the house. Now you are lost, bored and wanting something to do, either alone, together as husband and wife or as a family or even extended family.  Here a a few ideas for things to do in this limbo period.

Time for a Deep Clean

Not the most enjoyable thing to do when you have time away from the office and off work but a deep clean is a great thing to do in this limbo period. You can make a deep clean fun and get everyone involved. Throwing out all the waste paper from Christmas wrapping and taking out an overflow of garbage are just part of this deep clean. But you can and should go further and in the new year we will post an article on how to clean for the New Year. But giving your home a clean, vacuum, mop and general spruce up is a sure fire way to kill time between Christmas and New Year.

Find an Illuminated Event

Christmas is a special time of year and one thing we all love is Christmas lights. Many places, large public gardens and open spaces have curated illuminated events. These events are an absolute wow if you have young kids and are a great way to spend a cold winter evening that may be followed with a wonderful mug of hot chocolate!

A TV Series Binge

Many of us just want to switch off, kickback and do as little as possible in this limbo period.  We have worked hard all year and this is that one rare time we can just veg. The many streaming channels, Netflix, Amazon and the like have plenty to watch or re-watch and a binge session on your favorite or a most-talked-about series or bunch of movies is a great thing to do at this time of year. So, switch yourself off and switch on your TV or device, get comfortable and binge!

Start your New Year’s Resolution

New Year is just around the corner and many of us have resolutions in our minds. This limbo period between Christmas and New Year is a great time to get a head start on the these resolutions. Start the diet, get down to the gym or spend more time outdoors with the family and make the end of this year amazing and fun to fill you with ambition for the year ahead

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