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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Christmas is perhaps the furthest thing from anyone’s mind in the month of July. Summer is in full swing, barbecues are blazing, the beach is calling and life is full of sunshine and fun. December seems a million miles away and yet because of this many people love to celebrate Christmas in July.  Lowes has everything you need to celebrate Christmas in July and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can do so for less.  So what do you need to celebrate Christmas in July?

A Christmas Tree in July

Finding a real Christmas tree in July sold by people in Santa outfits may be a little tricky. At Lowes you should have little difficulty in finding a fake Christmas tree if you look and ask. A fake Christmas tree is perhaps more fitting than a real one when you celebrate Christmas in July when the sun is shining rather than the snow falling!

Fake Snow

Talking of snow falling,  to get the scene just right your home needs some fake snow.  There are plenty of ways to create this and turn your home into a winter wonderland in the middle of summer. You could use a snow machine but this might not work as the snow would melt too quickly under the blazing sun.  So, getting some fake snow to spray on windows and around the home will have to do the trick.

Christmas Lights decor

In summer you have plenty of outdoor lighting options and to add in some Christmas lights is easy.  Adding some twinkles and sparkles will soon make your home feel like Christmas.  You can still buy tinsel and other Christmas decorations in July, you may even get them cheaper, and you can decorate your home like a dream.

Christmas Pool Toys

You may be celebrating Christmas but it is still July and still summer. This is the perfect opportunity to get your hands of some Christmas inflatables for the pool. A few blow up santas, reindeer and more will turn your pool into a Christmas playground of fun.

Christmas Plates

You may not wish to pull out your fine dining and crystal around the outdoor table to celebrate Christmas in July. For a fun and safe Christmas in July some Christmas disposable plates and cutlery is perfect and these of course save on the washing up.  There are plenty of Christmas designed paper plates in many stores all year round.

Have Fun

Now that you have everything you need to make your home the perfect Christmas party venue all you need now is your guests. It is time to get cooking and time to have fun and celebrate summer with Christmas in July!

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