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Christmas Kitchen Essentials - Part 2

Christmas Kitchen Essentials - Part 2

Christmas is just around the corner and Home Depot has everything you need for Christmas around the home.  Your kitchen becomes a busy place a this time of year, you have just got through Thanksgiving and it seems like you need to do it all over again. In your kitchen there are certain things that all the top homemakers say you cannot do without. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money all these Christmas kitchen essentials. In part one we looked at a few kitchen essentials that will make cooking over the holiday easier and more enjoyable, in part two we go a little further.

8 inch Chef’s knife

Knives in any kitchen  are important and there is nothing more dangerous than a blunt knife.  There are many different types of knife used for many different purposes but if you can find and all round all purpose knife you will never look back. Perhaps the best all-round knife is am 8 inch chefs knife, not too big and not to small. An 8 inch good quality stainless steel knife will serve you as your best friend for many years. Good quality steel can be sharpened to a good edge and that edge is exactly what you need when cooking for the family at this crazy time of year.

Off-set Bread Knife

Another hugely versatile knife is a bread knife. You will quite likely be slicing a lot of bread for sandwiches over and after Christmas. Investing is a good quality serrated bread knife will see and end to the frustration of slicing fresh bread.  An offset blade is a great idea and makes cutting and slicing so much easier on the wrist.

Storage Containers

In part one we looked at large baking trays and cooling racks.  With so much cooking and eating you will, of course, need place to store your wares.  You can never have enough storage containers and investing in come decent quality containers is highly recommended. There are plenty of cheap containers and 50 boxes for $5 dollars can be tempting. However, investing in quality storage containers generally pays off; they lasty longer, don’t shrink in the dishwasher and do actually seal airtight!

Dutch Oven

A large, cast-iron pot of Dutch oven is the perfect accompaniment to Christmas in the kitchen.  If you want to make a stew from every leftover or make a hearty soup to warm your soul on a cold winter day this is the kitchen essential you must have. Good quality Dutch ovens will last a lifetime and the food you will be able to make will be amazing.

9 x 13 Baking Dish

Finally we end up back in the oven and to top off everything you need a 9 by 13 baking dish. Nice and deep and perfect for roasting meats and vegetables a good quality, heavy deep baking dish is a must have when cooking for Christmas. It will be a dish you use over and over again and will soon become a firm kitchen friend in your home with every family meal you cook.


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