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Making your small kitchen feel bigger

Making your small kitchen feel bigger

Size does matter and not all Americans have the luxury of a big kitchen. Many apartment homes have relatively small kitchens but there are ways to make these kitchen seem a lot larger. With a bit of help from Lowes you can find all the tools and equipment you need to help make a small kitchen feel big. Don’t forget, you can save money on all your purchases at Lowes with a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons.

However, everyone housewife and many modern day wannabee “master chefs” want a bigger kitchen, or at least get the look and feel of having a bigger kitchen.  For a handful of people they simply hunt for a new house with a bigger kitchen and move on, but for most they have to get creative. For some help in making your kitchen feel bigger here are 6 ideas that never fail:

Share the light

Light is the most important room in creating the appearance of space in any room and a small kitchen is no different. Dull, dark surfaces soak up space and ultimately the sense of space. Everyone knows how a mirror makes a small bathroom look much bigger and the same goes for a kitchen, almost. 

Replacing any dull, flat lifeless surfaces with more glossy, reflective materials make a small kitchen look and feel bigger almost instantaneously. More reflective styles of worktops and tiles spread and share the light in your kitchen and create and impressive illusion of space. Likewise, mirror finish or stainless steel appliance create the same effect. Lowes has plenty to choose from.

Get clever with your storage

The number one way to make more space is to get clever and creative with storage. Modern storage solutions with clever openings and closures and engineering masterpieces and work wonders in any small kitchen. Consider hanging racks, in days gone by pots, pans and even produce were hung rather than packed away. If you seriously lack space consider a few racks and make walls and even your ceiling the most creative storage space possible creating some character to your small kitchen at the same time.

Color Matters

Patterns and a better use of color create the optical illusion of more space. Keep things neutral and do not go overboard with bold or dark colours that suck up space. All white kitchens create a real feeling of space but they tend to lack character. If you want white choose a handful of different shades of white and some textures to avoid your kitchen looking like a sterile science lab.

Creative Lighting

Light is vital to create space and  there are many different lighting solutions on the market and with the advent of LED lighting the options for lighting in a small kitchen are better than ever. Natural light is always the best but creative down and up-lighting doesn’t just create a mood but it can create the perfect illusion of space, especially when matched with reflective surfaces and the right color scheme.

Keep things tidy

Small Kitchens look smaller then cluttered so simply keep things tidy and put things away when not using them!

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