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Kitchen tools you need to become a master chef at home

Lowes have been helping people turn houses into homes longer than anyone else. In your local Lowes store you can find everything you need at low prices and make your four walls a happy home for everyone. With a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save even more money on equipping your home well.  If you want to cook like a pro in your kitchen what tools would you need?  In this short blog we will do our best to put a list together of the essential items a future pro chef must have in the kitchen

10 inch skillet

A strange place to start but a stainless steel 10 inch skillet pan is what nearly all pro chefs say they want  most in their kitchen.   A quality pan made from stainless steel will be almost indestructible and will last a life time. For many top chefs today this was their first ever pan.

Chefs Knife

A proper, stainless stell, hotel or restaurant grade chefs knife will become your best friend in your kitchen. A chefs knife needs to be heavy enough to feel but light enough to handle,  a slightly heavier knife if always preferred by pros. A good quality blade will sharpen and stay sharp reminding you that the most dangerous thing in a kitchen is a blunt knife.

Cutting board

So, you have pan and a knife now you need something to cut on.  Investing in a quality cutting board is something you will never regret.  You may wish to invest in a few chopping boards for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. A good quality cutting board really makes a difference in your kitchen.

Large heavy Pot

All chefs need a pot to cook in and having an 8 quart pot is what many of those who are or aspire to be  chefs choose.  A heavy pot made from high quality steel should distribute heat well and a clad pot is the ideal solution. Clad pots combine three layers of material and are very much the top of the range pots and an 8 quart pot costs around $150.  Most people who are starting out opt for something of equal quality at a lower price.

Large Spoon

This is self-explanatory but a large, ideally stainless steel soon is an essential item for any up and coming master chef.

Measuring spoons

An often overlooked item in a kitchen for an up and coming chef, measuring spoons are an essential item.  Good quality measuring spoons will be strong, long and narrow enough fit inside containers and not break.  Well-made measuring spoons will also accurately measure various ingredients.

Measuring cups

There is no doubt about it but when  you choose your measuring cups Pyrex or glass is the only real solution. Good quality glass measuring cups and jugs for wet and dry ingredients make cooking a joy.


A good quality peeler concludes the far from comprehensive list of cooking essentials for an un and coming chef. A good peeler makes preparing everything from roast potatoes through carrots so much easier and quicker and Lowes has the best stock in town!

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