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How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring - Part 2

How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring - Part 2

Home Depot loves every season and Spring is just around the corner.  With a Home Depot Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons, getting your home ready for Spring will cost less. Spring is the season that brings new life to our homes and surroundings. Here are some easy steps you can take to prepare your home for the season.


Change the Decor

The change of seasons can be an exciting time to re-decorate your home. You don’t need to shell out a lot of money to get your home feeling fresh again. Just a few simple changes will do the trick!


One of the easiest ways to update your home decor for spring is to swap out dark colors. You’ll want to pare down the winter blankets, faux furs and heavy throws with lighter alternatives, like coral-colored cotton covers for accent pillows or white upholstery for window draperies.


Another easy way to make your room feel more like spring is to switch out the lampshades on your chandeliers, sconces and table lamps. A brighter hue will instantly bring life to your living area, adding some much-needed color and light to the space.


Finally, you can also give your fireplace mantel a new look by replacing it with a piece that’s less heavy. Instead of a heavy, thick wood surround, choose a lighter metal or a pretty floral design that brings in the warmer season’s flowers and fruits.


Once you’ve refreshed your home with these spring decorating tips, you’ll feel much more ready for the change of season!


Changing the color of your towels is a great way to update your bathroom and bring in the spring vibe. Use bright, cheerful hues like orange and green to add a pop of cheer to the space.


You can also replace your patterned or printed bathroom towels for a lighter and more neutral style that will fit with the rest of your interiors. Try a neutral colored shower curtain or even a white bathroom rug with a few colorful touches to add some fun and spring vibes!


Before you start switching out your room’s decor for spring, it’s important to clean your house and remove any clutter that may have accumulated during the winter. Clutter and dust can hide the true beauty of your home, so it’s always a good idea to go through your belongings and get rid of anything that you no longer need.


A fresh coat of paint or a re-potted plant can also help bring in the spring vibe. For example, a pretty teacup can be painted and placed on your desk, or a worn planter could be given a quick refresh with some spray paint.

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