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5 ways to uplift for kitchen with only a sample of paint

5 ways to uplift for kitchen with only a sample of paint

Everyone today is looking for the best for less and this is true for home improvements. Of course, the first step to getting the best for less is to visit Lowes with a Lowes Money Off Coupon and save money. However, these  clever ideas will give to the best looks for your kitchen for so much less while your friends will believe you paid so much more… and all it takes is one or two of those small paint samples you can buy in Lowes.

A fake splashback

Tiling a splashback or even installing a stainless steel one can be quite costly.  To save money you can sketch out a wonderful patter on the wall where you want your splashback to be and with the help of some colorful waterproof paint samples you can create something amazing. Using 3 or 4 different paint samples that will only cost a couple of dollars you can paint your design like a coloring book and make your kitchen look amazing.

Stunning shelves

A really wonderful kitchen design idea that looks like it cost a fortune is the subtle use of paint to paint a small piece of wall in between your shelves in gentle contrast to the wall around it or the primary color of the kitchen. A superbly subtle tan or dark cream patch on the middle row of the wall behind open shelves as a touch of real class and style that looks like it cost a fortune. Your secret is that you used a $1 sample pot of paint!

Kitchen Highlights

In a similar fashion  to the stunning shelves idea another way to make a big statement with a cheap paint tester is to create a highlight area in your kitchen.  Clever thinking and a creative mind can create a special kind of splashback that draws attention to or away from a certain area of your kitchen adding some beautifully quirky style that will amaze your friends who think you  bank account it bigger than it really is.

Set the Alcove off

If your kitchen has an alcove chances are that it is painted the same color as the rest of the room and does not stand out all and is actually quite boring.  With a simple sample pot of paint your can black out or lighten up the alcove in your kitchen and make is a feature that others will think cost you a fortune as they didn’t even know there was an alcove in the first place.

Under the island

Kitchen Islands can be bland and boring, and they go largely unnoticed. Using a sample of some tough and hardwearing paint you can paint the underside of your kitchen island and bring real life to your kitchen for less than $5 in less than an hour!

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