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Tiny Home Spacious Kitchen:  5 ideas for a Tiny Kitchen

In the last few years having a Tiny Home is all the rage. Home Depot has seen this coming and caters for those opting to go tiny, especially in the Kitchen. We Are Coupons can help you go tiny and save you money online with Home Depot with the best Home Depot Savings Coupons. There are many things to consider when creating your tiny kitchen, we don’t have time to cover them all but here are 5 tiny kitchen ideas that save space or make your tiny kitchen feel bigger.

Crisp Fresh Color Schemes

The last thing you need when creating a tiny kitchen is a dark color scheme. Dark colors make your kitchen or any room feel even more confined. To make your tiny kitchen look and feel bigger than it actually is to opt for a crisp fresh and airy color scheme. Crisp white and neutral colors breathe life into your kitchen and with a splash of dark blue, for example, in the tiles, your tiny kitchen looks superbly stylish.

Creative Flexible storage

Normal shelves may not be the answer to storage in your tiny kitchen. Every inch of space matters and therefore flexible, creative and innovative storage ideas are needed. Creative storage may mean removing shelves to increase storage space to hang glasses upside down or hand coffee cups in unusual but very practical ways.  Thinking out of the box when you store your kitchen items is the name of the game in tiny kitchen planning.

Clever Bold Flooring

As with the fresh color scheme that creates the illusion of more space so the floor is the same. However, with a floor in a tiny kitchen, the objective is the distract the eye away from the kitchen being small. Using creative patterns and a spot of color, whether you choose tiles, floor paint of vinyl your floor can make your tiny kitchen amazing.

Bigger Sink

Very few tiny kitchens have space for a dishwasher but you still need to clean cups and dishes. A strange way to create a highly functional tiny kitchen is to opt for a larger kitchen sink. Being able to wash things quickly and easily and get them dried and back into their place is the key to a really successful tiny kitchen that is hugely functional.

New Homes for Appliances

Tiny homes rarely have space for a laundry room and thus washing machines end up in the kitchen. Washing machines take up masses of valuable space in a tiny kitchen and therefore some rethinking about where the washing machine should go is necessary. As long as the space is plumbed, and in tiny homes, this is often easy to achieve. This may be needed for various appliances and you may have to become a master at taking things out, using them and placing them back in storage.

Going tiny is easy and Home Depot has helped thousands of people do so, you could be next!

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