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Creating the Perfect Man Cave - Part 1

Creating the Perfect Man Cave - Part 1

Lowes has been helping American Families houses their homes for many, many years. In recent years a man cave has been the one thing nearly all men want. With A Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can create the perfect man cave and save money.


The Perfect Man Cave


Creating the perfect male cave has never been easier - think about your needs, get creative and have fun creating a space you love. Creating the perfect male cave is all about comfort and having a place to escape in which you can run. Whether you work from home, run a small business from home, or just want a quiet place to focus on creative projects, a home office is the perfect option for creating your own man cave.


Whether you're a father, husband, or bachelor who needs privacy from the rest of the house, get inspired by the following ideas to design a place you can call your hideout. With that in mind, you've probably considered ways you can get out of the house for a while and take refuge in a safe haven. Or maybe you're planning a quiet reading retreat or slot machines to play pool, poker, and other games.


A Fun and Relaxing Space


If you don't feel like playing, you can simply relax by yourself by inserting a comfortable piece of furniture. The basement is the perfect place to host a pool table, darts, arcade game or table football and create a home entertainment space. Remember that a basement is a space that should be fun and relaxing, so when you're trying to decide what to put in it, think about what you and your family can do.


Many homeowners choose to build their own cave, whether in the garden or even in the basement of your home, as it offers the perfect place to unwind for an hour or two without any distractions. They understand that a man cave can act as a multipurpose space, so maybe a two or three car garage could be an entertaining space for dad and his friends while they work on their next custom car project. This type of male cave doesn't have to be a large space - a nook under the stairs or a cool, damp room in the basement can be the perfect basement.


Man Cave in the Garage


Your cave is best in a garage if you need to use car equipment, or in a workshop if you have large power tools, but most people can set up a workspace in the corner of the cave. Whether relaxing after a long day at work, hanging out with a group of friends, watching the big game or working out, your man cave can be your best home haven. A maker hole is a fun DIY project that will pay off the next time it's your turn to throw a Super Bowl party, and a well-designed lounge can even add value to your home. We at Gentlemans Journal will never forgive having a full-size Pac-Man machine next to your couch or tucking a pinball machine between your dining room cutlery; but when it comes to tricks, man caves are where you really are The place to indulge in all the wildest dreams.



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