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The Art of Decluttering - Part 2

The Art of Decluttering - Part 2

Home Depot has everything you need to look after your home and with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can save money on everything. However, there comes a point when you end with lots of everything and you house becomes full of, let’s just call it junk.  How then, do you declutter your home?  In this two part article we can help you.


After Decluttering


Maintenance after cleaning is just as important as cleaning up the mess. In fact, a tidy home consists of two parts: the actual decluttering I showed you above, and the maintenance after cleaning. Tidying up is great, but sometimes you get overwhelmed, take a break, and end up accumulating more mess before you go back to your old mess. Decluttering isn't just about removing physical clutter—it can actually make your home feel more peaceful—but there are ways to make it easier.


Declutter and Remodel


Clutter removal has become a major focus of many home remodeling projects, and there are many ways to integrate clutter organization and elimination directly into your new home design. Cleaning can be a daunting task, but all home improvement projects are a lot easier when you have an organized, uncluttered living space. You may spend very little time in the laundry room, but if you don't take steps to declutter it, the space can become cluttered. Small and large bathrooms are actually some of the easiest spaces to clean.




By decluttering all the bathrooms in your home at once, you can make more informed decisions about what to donate, keep, or throw away collectively. Create cleaning or decluttering habits that your family can easily follow. When you clean and organize your home, you need to ask all three things.


Decluttering Goals


Always keep your end goal in mind and consider how much lighter your home and mind will feel when all the excess weight is gone! Remember, this 30-day home detox is just a quick, superficial cleanup. This program is designed to kickstart your decluttering and organization process and target those items that you clearly don't like or use. For the next 30 days, you'll take a quick tour of your home and dispose of as many items as possible in 15 minutes a day. Then take the items you're sorting through and donate or throw them away right away.




For personal and work documents, remove any unnecessary items from filing cabinets or drawers so you can organize from scratch. If you are interrupted at this point in the cleaning process, you can proceed to step 4 to dispose of the litter from the closet and pantry. You should set aside some time to clean out your closets, drawers, bedroom and living room.


In the future, you can also help yourself by not bringing the mess home. Learn what to remove, what to leave, and how to organize your space. I'm going to share with you some of the secret tips I hid that will get your home and life out of clutter in no time.



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