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Is Wallpaper an in thing for 2022?

Is Wallpaper an in  thing for 2022?

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Decorating our homes, changing the color and style of the various rooms we have has long been a part of making a house a home. Painting walls and tiling are commonplace, but when it comes to wallpapering a few eyebrows tend to be raised. Wallpaper and wallpapering a room  tends to be something a person like or doesn’t like, there is very little middle ground. Some think that wallpapering is an out of date way of decorating that lost its way in the bold designs of the 70s. But, depending on who you ask, Wallpapering has never really gone out of date.

The Comeback of Wallpapering

The bold flowery wallpaper designs of the 70s died down and the 80s and 90s saw an almost farmhouse style of wall paper design rise up.  Now, believe it or not, bolder, brighter wallpaper is making a comeback. Since early 2020, wallpapering has gained some significant interest and people are choosing to do so. Perhaps this is something to do with people being trapped at home in a pandemic?

The Drawback of Wallpaper

A lot of wallpaper designs are very much that of personal choice.  Wallpapering brings a style to any home that personalises a space and when it comes to selling a house this can make selling more challenging. Many people decorate with potentially selling in mind and thus tend to steer clear of putting paper on the walls.

Is the Hassle Worth it?

While wallpapering is making a bit of comeback, as it does in relatively short bursts or in certain segments of society, the trend has struggled to become as mainstream as it once was. Part of the reason for this is that wallpapering is a hassle. Some call it an art, but hanging wallpaper is challenging for most people and because of this they avoid it. But,  once wallpapering is done the end result is something special and most people will agree it is worth it in the end.

Wallpaper and Selling your Property

While a good wallpapering job yields amazing results and makes a home look stunning and classy it is not such a good thing when selling. Many buyers see the good looks of wallpaper hung well but pause to think and see the problems, no matter how small they are, that comes from wallpaper. They will want to redecorate to their taste, your taste is not always the taste of others, and when redecorating wallpaper has its challenges. Wallpaper is tough to remove for a start.  For this reason,  many people stick to the conventional paint and tiles on walls rather than paper. But, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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