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Any Given Weekend

Any Given Weekend

Your home needs constant maintenance and weekends are the best and only time for most people to fix the little things and maintain those that need maintenance. Lowes has all you need to keep your home in tip-top condition and on any given Sunday you can find thousands of American families keeping their house in amazing condition. To save money on the little jobs around the house you can use a Printable Lowes Coupon for use instore and get the tools, materials and equipment you need to do any job right. So what little jobs are there?

Replace Door Handles

Door handles of all kinds can be a total irritation when they don’t work properly. One small task that can save a lot of frustration is to replace the door handles around your home. The task is easy and Lowes have a wide range of handles that are both stylish and functional. It won’t take long to fix all the loose and annoying handles or to just make your home look a little more stylish, so head down to Lowes and make this simple task your job for next weekend.

Clear the gutters

No one really likes this job, but after fall and winter your gutters can be full or debris and leaves that stops them functioning fully. Lowes has all the tools and equipment you need to clean your gutters from ladders through hoses and tough gloves making gutter cleaning easier and safer.

Hang the paintings

There are plenty homeowners who have bought lovely works of art to decorate their home but these works of art just sit on the floor. Lowes has all the tools and equipment you could possibly need to make sure the paintings you have take pride of place. This is a really easy job and modern picture hooks are effortless to use. This small DIY task will really make you feel good once complete and once done you can sit back and truly admire the works of art you have.

Tidy up the yard

Giving your yard or garden a good tidy up is essential and also very rewarding. Lowes has all the equipment you need as well as plants if you need them to give you yard or garden a really good once over just in time for spring to come. Of course, with a Lowes Money Off Coupon your tidy yard will cost you even less do get yours today and head down to Lowes.

Fix those light fittings

Another really annoying thing around the house is light fittings that do not work. In most cases you just need to change a light bulb, but we are just too lazy to do it. Come on! Head down to Lowes and get some light bulbs and fix those lamps and lights that do not work.


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