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Shop for your cat at Lowes

Shop for your cat at Lowes

Just like your dog your cat is envious that you can go shopping at Lowes with a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons and enter kitty paradise. While dogs have masters, cats have servants and they love nothing than being surprised with gifts from Lowes just as they give you gifts such as dead birds and frogs. To a cat, Lowes is paradise and the store has everything they dream of. But what would a cat want to you buy from Lowes if she had her way?

A place to stretch

No matter how old or young your cat is, cats love to stretch and preferably on your furniture. To a cat, your couch is hers to use and you have provided it for her to sharpen her claws on. Of course, you know the cat is right but really you do not want your couches torn to shreds and that means to need a scratching post. Lowes has a superb selection of scratching posts and cat trees that will fascinate your cat. While there is no guarantee that your cat will prefer these over your couch, she will at least be grateful you considered her needs.

A place to sleep

Cats will sleep anywhere; they always love a basket of fresh laundry and fully believe that leaving their hair all over your clean clothes helps you stay warmer and look more stylish. Again, the cat is 100% correct but you do prefer your clothes with a little less car hair and thus you need to visit Lowes to purchase a cat bed or cushion for your kitty to use for her beauty sleep. Lowes has a wonderful range of cat beds and cushions and just as with the stretching post, there is no guarantee that these are quite as comfortable as your basket of fresh laundry. However, your cat will love you and appreciate you, even if she never uses the gift you bought her.

Private entrance

Cats love to come and go as they please in their home. It is well known that humans are merely lodgers in a cat’s home and thus a cat prefers to have the freedom to go in and out as they please, it is their prerogative.  Installing a cat flap or cat door for a cat is particularly important and Lowes has a wide range of basic cat flaps and more sophisticated cat entrances that work by means of RFID on a collar. But as with every other wonderful gift and treat you can purchase for your cat at Lowes, there is no guaranteed your cat will use it, she does, after all, expect doors and windows to be opened for her to make a grand entrance on the outside world or simply let you know that she is home and that she is the boss.

Lowes has everything you need to pamper your cat or kitten and if kitty could come with you to the store she would.


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