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Classy Outdoor Entertainment Essentials

Classy Outdoor Entertainment Essentials

Summer is the time of year we love to be outdoors.  Outdoor entertaining is something special and many of us make an extra effort to make it so. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all the outdoor entertaining essentials.  But what are the real essentials for classy outdoor entertainment?  Here are a few must haves

Classy Plastic

Glasses are an essential part of entertaining but glass has one massive drawback for the outdoor entertainer… they break. One has to be oh so careful with wine glasses especially and just a the slightest breeze the sound of broken glass fills the air.  With top quality acrylic wine glasses you don’t have to sacrifice quality and the best acrylic wine glasses look just a gorgeous as the real thing. So, top of the must have items for outdoor entertaining is top quality acrylic glasses.

Lanterns for Candles

Candles are great but one puff of wind and they are out, electric lighting is just too harsh.  The balance is found in candles inside amazing candle holders. Classy lanterns are all the rage and make outdoor entertainment romantic, special and full of life. The real joy of candles inside a quality glass lantern is that the gentle light can be transported from table to firepit to cosy nook.  Next on the list for outdoor entertaining essentials is glass lanterns.

Flameless Candles

So we jump from lanterns and real candles to flameless LED candles. Why?  The answer is simple… Wax!  For those who don’t want wax to mess their lanterns, flameless candles are a dream.  Call it OCD but flameless candles are equally as elegant as real candles and there is no waxy mess.  Flameless candles are also much safer with kids around.

Quality Blue Tooth/Wireless Speaker

Outdoor entertainment is not complete without music for the occasion. Investing in a quality portable speaker with be the best home entertainment you make.  Quality speakers such BOSE bring music to life and you could easily think a small quarter or even Cold Play themselves were performing in your own garden.  Get the music right and spend a few extra dollars on a good quality and experience the best.

Folding Bistro Chairs

You can never have enough chairs for outdoor entertaining but you don’t want to bring chairs out from indoors.  Stacks of plastic chairs are great but they take up storage space and let’s face it they are not that classy. Investing in some high quality folding bistro chairs and some comfy cushions gives you comfortable and classy chairs that fold up and take up little storage place.  Quality chairs make all the difference!

Metal Ice Bucket

Remember the large metal buckets that laundry was done in many years ago?  These large metal buckets make amazing and very stylish ice buckets and this is out final outdoor entertainment must have!


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