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Bake More with Lowes

Bake More with Lowes

So, you are stuck and home and being told to stay at home, what do you do?  There is only so much Netflix you can watch and only so many hours gaming. Eating is the fastest growing hobby in the world right now and fridge doors are opening and closing at an alarming rate as stocked up snacks gradually deplete themselves. A quick trip to Lowes, armed with a Lowes Money Off Coupon has the answer to it all and buying some appliances to back some of grandma’s famous recipes sounds like a good idea. Lowes has a wide range of appliances to help you make and bake better than ever before and feed your family the wholesome way with home baked treats and delights.

Cake Maker

A cake maker is a cool and fun way to make all kinds of cupcakes with absolute ease. Simpler than using the oven and even a little bit quicker these slam shut and back machines are fantastic and make baking fun and easy… even for kids!

Mini Pies

Making a large pie in a small family or just as a bachelor or bachelorette staying at home can be a waste and a smaller pie makes sense. But making just one small pie is a pain. This is where a mini pie maker comes in handy. With the same amount of ingredients used for a traditional large pie you can now easily make a dozen smaller pies and once cooked you can freeze them for heating up at a later date!

Fresh bread

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baking bread and making bread from scratch is amazing. However, if you want a perfect loaf every time a bread maker will be the best investment you can make. These handy machines take guess work and effort out of making all kinds of bread and fill the home with the fresh baked smell everyone loves.

Easy Smores

We all love smores, I mean, who doesn’t?  Making smores has always been a delight for any family and making the today has never been easier or more convenient. Yes, you guessed it there is even a smores making appliance these days, as if smores were not easy enough to make at it is. But, if you feel lazy this is the machine for you!

Trays and more

If you are going to bake more and make more at home you need trays and the basic equipment. Lowes is open during the pandemic and you can stock up on all the basic baking needs and ensure you can make and bake exactly what you want and treat yourself and your family every day to the best in home-cooked goodies!

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