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5 DIY tasks for under $100

5 DIY tasks for under $100

The Corona pandemic is hitting everyone and most of us find ourselves a little tighter on money than normal. Using a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons can save you money on the things you need to do some DIY around the home. Yes, Lowes are still open during these challenging times. When money is tight you need to look at your budget before undertaking any DIY task so here are 5 DIY tasks that will make your house a home that all cost under $100.

Build a Fire Pit

Summer is just around the corner and being stuck at home can be frustrating.  A superb way to get the family together is to build a firepit in your garden. A firepit is an easy DIY task and merely needs some basics, of which can be purchased at your nearest Lowes store. You won’t regret building a firepit and your family will love it as they sit by the fire telling stories that soon become amazing memories.

Wallpaper a dull room

Everyone has a dull room or two and wallpaper is all the rage right now. Lowes has a wonderful range of amazing wallpapers from bright colors to fantastic patterns. Wallpapering a room is an easy and even enjoyable task and as with the firepit you create a space your family will love and enjoy during this time when we are all told to stay at home.

Change the kitchen hardware

If your kitchen is looking a bit tired there is an easy way to get the equivalent of a new kitchen for less than $100. Simply replacing your kitchen draw fronts and cupboard doors and handles is the most affordable way to create a brand new look and feel for your kitchen and like both the above DIY tasks it is easy to do.

Change your electrical points

You don’t need an electrician to replace your outdated electrical points and light switches. Lowes has a wide range of modern and low cost electrical switches and points, some with modern tech built in. This easy task will make your home safer and give it a real modern look and feel that you will love.

Paint Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture weathers over time and when money is tight replacing it is simply not an option. The next best thing is to make some minor repairs and varnish or paint your outdoor furniture. Using some colorful outdoor paint you will soon have amazing and funky outdoor furniture that is perfect to sit on as you chill by your firepit.

There are just a handful of easy and affordable DIY tasks and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon you can save even more money and make your house a home for less.

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