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Livestock Supplies form Lowes

Livestock Supplies form Lowes

Since Lowes began trading in 1921 a lot has changed and, of course, the company has grown. For a long period of time farmers were very much the main customers but as things changed contractors and DIY enthusiasts soon became the focus of business attention. However, while many things remain the same there are some parts of the early days of Lowes that still exist today. One part that remains is that of livestock supplies, not feed but other supplied and this may surprise the average shopper at Lowes in 2020. Lowes has a wide variety of livestock supplies and when purchased in conjunction with a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons they can be purchased at better than the best prices in town. So, what livestock supplies Lowes offer?

Chicken Coops and Rabbit Hutches

While not strictly of commercial sizes but aimed at the hobbyist or small-scale farmer the range of Chicken Coops and Rabbit Hutches from Lowes is surprising.  For those who want a bunny, or bunnies, as a pet Lowes has the best selection of rabbit hutches you can imagine. Likewise, chicken coops in all shapes and sizes are the equivalent of chicken hotels and are perfect for the small-scale farmer who wants the freshest eggs possible. The diversity of chicken coops and rabbit hutches is really quite amazing.

Horse Stalls

Owning a horse requires specialist equipment among which care horse stalls. These are perhaps an iconic product sold by Lowes and one that hasn’t changed a great deal, other than the materials and ease of assembly, since the 1920s.  Lowes has a good selection of Horse Stalls of varying sizes all made to the highest standards that horse owners demand. Along with the horse stalls Lowes also stocks a range of Horse Stall accessories, again made to exceptional standards. The range of horse stall accessories includes feeding and watering equipment, hooks and tie up points and a variety of other important accessories required when stabling horses.

Livestock Feeders

Again, aimed at the hobbyist or small scale farmer, Lowes has a limited selection of livestock feeders.  All made from strong and robust materials and manufactured to the highest possible standards the feeders make looking after your livestock straightforward and easy. The range of livestock feeders includes water bowls and basins as well as hay feeders for horses and other animals.

Lowes Loves Animals

All animal and pet products sold by Lowes meet exacting standards that ensure the health and safety of the animals in question. From dog leashes and cat collars through livestock stall and feeders, you can be assured that the product you purchase from Lowes is safe to use and built to last.  

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