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Little things you cannot live without

Little things you cannot live without

We take so much for granted today and there are many things that we do not give a second thought about. Many of these things you can buy at Lowes and of course when shopping at Lowes you can use a Lowes Printable Coupon to save money on just about anything. Here are some things that, to be honest, every household has but when they go missing or break life can become a challenge.

A Can opener

These innocent devices are a must have and trying open a can without one is close to impossible. Sure, cans are coming with ring pulls today and these are super convenient but the vast majority of cans still require a can opener in order to reach the contents. Lowes sells Can openers and if you can’[t find yours or yours has broken Lowes is the place to visit for a replacement.

Cork Screw

So, you have a wonderful vintage bottle of Merlot that you wish to share with friends. You have been waiting for ages to open this bottle and then you cannot find a corkscrew. Yes, a corkscrew is another simple device that you really cannot live without. There are other ways to open a bottle of wine, even one way with a shoe but using a corkscrew is by far the simplest method of cracking open a bottle of wine and sampling the nectar within it. Again, Lowes sells corkscrews and you can use a Lowes Printable Coupon to save money so why not buy some new wine glasses at the same time.

A screwdriver

This is another simple tool that has made life so easy but when you don’t have one things can be a little on the challenging side. You can always try and use a knife or other blade but to loosen or tighten a screw you need a humble screwdriver. What would you do without a screwdriver? Lowes has a superb selection of screwdrivers and multi-purpose tools that will save the day more times than you can imagine.

A Funnel

When transferring liquid from a large container to something smaller you need a funnel. Trying to do the job without one is not much fun. You can cut up a plastic soda bottle to create a sort of funnel or you can use be very very careful as you pour by hand. Neither method is ideal and investing a couple of dollars in a funnel will always be the best investment of your life.

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