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Get your Home Ready for 2021 - Part 1

Get your Home Ready for 2021 - Part 1

2020 flew by in a flash, and what a year it was. Many of us are glad the crazy year called 2020 is now over, and this despite any real end in sight for the Coronavirus. No matter what happens life must continue. In many areas, life has a new normal but when it comes to Home Maintenance little has changed. Another thing that has not changed is the We Are Coupons supplied the very best Home Depot Coupons and Lowes Coupons you can find.  These coupons save you money and saving money is a great way to begin a new year. So, what is on the January Home Maintenance list?

The Kitchen

Over the last few weeks, your kitchen has been the used and overworked room in the home. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year have taken their toll on your kitchen and some of the appliances.  One such appliance is the refrigerator, an often overlooked and very important appliance in any kitchen.  January is the time of year to pull out the refrigerator, clean behind is and most importantly vacuum dust and gunk off the cooling coils. Doing this not only cleans the appliance but without the dust, your fridge is considerably more efficient.

Remaining in the Kitchen January is the perfect time to clean or replace your range hood cleaner. The range hood keeps your kitchen odour and germ-free and if you didn’t have it you would certainly know.

Finally, give your kitchen surfaces a really good deep clean. This is also a good time to give your oven a deep clean and get you set for a superb year of cooking and baking ahead.  Once you have cleaned your kitchen it is on to the bedrooms and living areas.

The Bedrooms and Living Rooms

The bedrooms and living spaces in your home have also been worked hard in 2020, especially during any lockdowns. Start by decluttering the rooms, holiday décor can go back to storage or to the trash, junk that has pilled up can be thrown away too.

Closets can become cluttered and become lazy storage places over the course of a year. Every cupboard and drawer in the bedrooms and living rooms should be sorted out, decluttered and repacked in an orderly manner. Don’t keep things that you said last year “I might need that too”, January 2021 is a new canvas and you can start afresh! 

While in the living rooms take stock of what you have, create an inventory of things, you will be amazed how this can really help you. Sort out all your filing while you are at it.

Once you have cleaned and tidied you may want to step back and see whether your rooms need repainting or if any repairs need to be done. The beauty of a home clean up and tidy up in January is that you can actually see the walls, floors, windows and doors of your home.

Coming up next…

The easy to see places have now been cleaned, decluttered and made ready for the new year. Next, we can move on to the less obvious places.

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