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Work from Home Office Must Haves

Work from Home Office Must Haves

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the way people work forever. Working from home has been common for some companies but the recent lock downs and self-isolations have seen working from home become the norm. Lowes can help you set up your work from home office and with some help from We Are Coupons a Lowes Money Off Coupon can help you save cash on setting up a productive workspace. So, what are the work from home must haves? Here are a few to consider:


One of the top items you will need to set up your work from home office space is a desk. Short term you can perhaps work from the dining room table but having a real desk that suits your job is important. Size matters and so does the space you have, desks with drawers and desks features for tidy cables all make sense. The style whether you want modern or more traditional matters but above all the desk must be practical and comfortable.

Office Chair

A comfortable office chair is important, ideally, an ergonomic chair is the best desk chair. Ergonomic chairs may look uncomfortable, but your body will feel better from using one. Comfort and style matter and if you expect visitors to your home office you will need other chairs. Choosing the right office chair is a challenge but with some help from Lowe you will find the perfect office chair for your home office.

Office lighting

Very often home offices are tucked away where natural light is somewhat limited. Having plenty of light is essentially in any work environment and thus choosing the right office lighting is important. From desk lamps to actual ceiling lights choosing the lighting that makes working easy and comfortable is vital. Small desk lamps may look cute or stylish but they may not necessarily provide the right light you need. It is worthwhile to spend some time to consider your lighting for your home office, it will be time well spent.

Filing cabinet and storage

No matter how hard we try to go paperless things do clutter up in an office. It may be study guides or old school paper forms that are still required and thus a filing cabinet and adequate office storage is important. Shelves can save space and a cupboard of some sort is always helpful.

Coffee machine

One thing that will make your work from home office work for you is a coffee machine. A small machine in your office makes the office feel like it is a place of work and stops you having to traipse to the kitchen for that all important energy providing cup of coffee.

Setting up your work from home office is not difficult but making it a designated workspace with the right tools and equipment is important and will see your productivity rise.

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