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Home DIY Tasks so Easy it seems impossible to be true

Home DIY Tasks so Easy it seems impossible to be true

There are many DIY tasks around the home that many of us shy away from because they believe they cannot do DIY.  Home Depot has been making DIY easy for decades, you can even save money on DIY items using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon, and yet there are so many tasks that we call in a contractor and spend too much money.  Here are some DIY tasks that are too easy to be true that you can now do and potentially save yourself a small fortune on…

Build Your Own Speakers

This is a strange one but building your own speakers is a straightforward job that is really rewarding.  The  components of a speaker a very simple to assemble and easy to purchase.  Building your own speakers can save you money on buying them as a complete item. By building your own you save money and often get better quality and once built there is a tremendous feeling of satisfaction.

Garden Sprinkler System

Building your own sprinkler system using various lengths of garden hose and low cost nozzles is very much achievable. Spending a fortune of special sprayers and controllers is not necessary and with a basic, well planned system you can create a DIY system for less than $100 that will irrigate your garden better than a fancy system costing $500 or more. This is also a fun project to get the kids involved with!

Make Your Own Headboard

When shopping for headboards it is soon noticeable that many cost the same as if not more than the bed you are sleeping in. There are some hugely cost-effective ways to make a headboard and many will give you a headboard that is unique for you and super stylish at the same time.  From converting a door into headboard or using wooden pallets this easy DIY I task will save you money and create something you will love and others will envy.

DIY Composting

Composting bins can cost a small fortune. Manufacturers claim all kinds of benefits from their state of the art compost bins that merely achieve something that happens naturally. Instead of turning to experts and buying a fancy compost bin you can take an old garbage bin and drill some holes in it. For decades gardeners have done this and chuckle at those having fancy compost bins installed when DIY is so easy it seems too good to be true!

Clogged Gutters

Clogged Gutters are a simple DIY job that can cost a small fortune when you call in  the contractors.  Using a ladder, and someone to support the bottom, you can easily clear your gutters by hand in a few short hours. Having a high-pressure sprayer helps but it is not essential and when you do this every few months it really makes a difference. It is dead simple, so simple it seems impossible to be true

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