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Low Cost Fixes Around the Home - Part 1

Low Cost Fixes Around the Home - Part 1

Lowes have been helping Americans love their homes for many decades.  The big blue store has every you need to look after, maintain and improve your home.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can love your home for less.  Home Maintenance is an ongoing task and the only thing Lowes cannot sell you is more time to get things done. However, there are plenty of quick tasks that can be done in almost no time and these quick fixes can make more time in your day.  Here are some of the quickest home fixes

Fix that Squeaky Floorboard

A squeaky floorboard sounds like something that needs a ton of effort and entire weekend of time to fix. This is not so, most squeaky floorboards can be fixed in under 45 minutes using talcum powder, soapstone powder or powdered graphite. Simply take your powder of choice and sweep and sprinkle it in between your floorboards and in no time at all, as if by magic your floorboard is silent.

Wake Up Tired Furniture

Tired furniture makes an entire home seem tired and lifeless.  Giving old, tired furniture a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint takes less than 40 minutes. A quick sand down and a coat of fresh paint from whatever you have lying around or whatever you want to buy is easy.  Making sure you have a dust sheet to stop drips you can sand and paint in situ or wherever you wish quickly and easily.

Squeaky Hinges

As with those annoying squeaky floorboard, squeaky hinges are equally annoying and equally easy and quick to fix. In most cases a squeaky hinge can be fixed in a minute or two meaning the average house can maintain almost every hinge in about an hour. Using a squirt of WD 40 most hinges become un-squeaked in no time, it just needs to be done!

Paint a room

This is a big one that plenty of people think takes days.  In reality, provided you are not changing the color a quick coat of paint to liven up a room is very quick. An average room with a single coat of paint takes as little at 90 minutes to complete. A good wipe down with preparation with plenty of dust sheets down and then a quick coat of emulsion really doesn’t take long. Drying may take 24 hours but the hard work take little or no time.

These are four quick tasks that you can do during the week to make more valuable time at weekends.  In part two we will have a few more quick tasks that are easy to do that many people think take a long time to complete. 

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