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5 Window Blinds You May wish to consider in 2021

5 Window Blinds You May wish to consider in 2021 

Trends and fashions change all the time, someone does this to that and suddenly something new is in fashion. Lowes do their best to keep up with ever-changing trends and one area they do this in is with window blinds.  Lowes has a superb stock of window blinds that you can save on when using a We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupon.  It is impossible to touch on everything that is in fashion for window dressing in the home but here are 5 to do with blinds 

Metal Blinds Return 

Driven by the growing popularity of stainless steel, metallic look or silver appliances in the home, as opposed to the conventional white metal blinds, are making a comeback, who ever thought this would happen? 

Roman Shades 

Never really out of fashion in any contemporary home, Roman Blinds with the clean lines, general neatness and of course, the potential for pretty much any pattern or colour are always going to be a favourite. Their flat design makes them easy to construct and they use far less fabric than conventional drapes.  Roman shades are affordable and because of this one can choose and superior finish at very little extra cost and make a real statement in the home.  Roman Blinds are a favourite with many homeowners. 

Eco-friendly woven wood shades 

With an ever environmentally aware consumer and homeowner eco-friendly blinds are unsurprisingly trendy. Made from fresh natural and sustainable products such as reeds, grasses and bamboo weaved wooden shades give a natural look to any home and are also extremely good value for money. 

Cellular Shades 

Easily the most versatile of all window dressings on the market today, Cellular shades are becoming very popular.  Cellular shades can be hung alone for a simplistic contemporary look and feel or can be layered, layering is very in at the moment, with other solutions creating not only a good looking window but one that creates additional insulation that is so important in cutting down on heating and cooling costs today. Cellular shades have become very popular in a variety of styles with numerous options to add versatility to suit any home.  


Roller Shades 

The ever faithful and ever-fashionable roller shade or roller blind is not just an economical way to brighten up any window frame but with their simplicity and sleekness the roller shades also extremely functional.   Roller Blinds fit perfectly into tight quarters and can be used as an inside or outside mount.  Roller blinds can be layered or can work and look equally fine on their own with a wide range of colours and patterns to suit every taste.  Today modern roller blinds come in a variety of types that either block out light completely or are more opaque and allow a degree of light in giving life to the room.  As always Roller Blinds are maintenance and very housewife friendly and can be cleaned with ease making them perfect for kitchens or bathrooms. 


These 5 trending Blind and Shades should give you something to think about, go on be trendy and brighten up your home today with something simple. 

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