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Silk flowers for stunning window box all year round

Silk flowers for stunning window box all year round

Space is something that seems to be more of a luxury today than ever before. The once familiar sprawling lawns, rose gardens and orchards of England seem to be fading slowly into a time gone by. Even gardens where pretty flowers and rows of runner beans with own orange flowers are less common.  Space to grow flowers has become limited and everyone knows how lovely it is to look out of a window and see flowers dancing in the breeze. 

But locked up on a third floor, inner-city apartment without only so much as a balcony even less a garden growing some pretty flowers that just brighten up the day seems an impossibility.  It is not just the space that is the problem the other is time, we don’t get the time to spend pottering in a garden to make pretty things grow. We go to work when it is dark, we work like slaves until it gets dark and then come home. We are so busy that weekends have changed and either become a weekend of snoozing or catching up with people and we remain too busy or are too tired to garden. But we want something pretty to look at!

There is a solution and one that is becoming popular in urban homes with modern lives and that solution is artificial flowers.  The beauty with artificial or silk flowers is that they do not need huge amounts of space, they last for ages and they don’t need hours and hours of watering, nurturing and general green-fingering.  Silk flowers look just like the real thing, some say better than the real thing and they add colour and charm to any situation.

Silk flowers in a window box bring that special something that only flowers can do into your urban, inner-city space. Whether the window box is on your third floor or even penthouse balcony, on a bathroom or kitchen windowsill or on an office windowsill it makes no difference.  A window box “planted”with your favourite flowers, tulips and daffodils or roses and carnations the choice is yours, becomes a haven of tranquillity and puts a huge smile on your face.

A window box or plant box can be of any size depending on how much space you have and it needs no watering and very little maintenance. Silk flowers in a window box bring nature to life in a way that nothing else can. Your friends will delight in your new “planted” flowers, you will almost feel like you have a garden and best of all you can change the flowers as and when you need to or the season suits you. With a silk flower window box, you can have natures floral beauty at the time of year nature intended without any hassle leaving you alone to sit back and just admire the flowers dance the dance they do.

Lowes has a wide selection of silk and fake flowers, as well as living and natural plants that can bring your window box or small garden to life. With a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons you can now save money at Lowes and bring color to your apartment or small house for less.

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