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Who does Home Depot Own?

Who does Home Depot Own?

Back in 1978 America was introduced to Home Depot.  Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank had a dream and even they perhaps never saw the big orange company growing to the size it has today. Home Depot is a favorite store of many if not most Americans.  The store is best known for its massive range of products at amazing low prices. Prices can be lowered still and shoppers can save more money with a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon too. 

Home Depot has over 2,200 stores across America, Canada and Mexico making it one of the largest chains in the world. With over 1 million product available online the virtual store is one of the most advanced on the planet. Still focused on its bricks and mortar model, Home Depot a not succumbed to a total digital footprint, leaving that domain to Mr Bizos and Amazon.  The physical aspect of Home Depot is as much of a trademark as the orange coloring and America would not be the same without the stores. One should also consider that the Home Depot Model also employs around 500,000 people. 

Home Depot has made some acquisitions on its path to greatness and having spent many millions of Dollars, it has all been about putting the customer first. So, what are the acquisitions made by Home Depot that have helped make it the US number one?

Compact Power Equipment Inc.

When it comes to equipment rental and hire many Americans use Home Depot. Home Depot acquired Compact Power Equipment Inc. and now offers this is around 50% of its stores as a service to customers. Home Depot paid $265 million for Compact Power Equipment Inc. and the acquisition has yielded dividends across the board.

The Company Store

Acquired in 2017 The Company Store gives Home Depot a tremendous expanded footprint when it comes to sheets, quilts, bath towels, select clothing, and other home décor products online.  The deal helped better position Home Depot in terms of sourcing and supply enabling better pricing to be passed on to the customer.

Interline Brands Inc.

This 2015 acquisition of a company founded in the same year as Home Depot was aimed at better supporting contractors. The company provides maintenance, repair, and operations products to professional contractors, facilities maintenance professionals, hardware stores, and other customers.  With the acquisition came a powerful account sales force that gave Home Depot some much needed industry muscle.

Acquired in 2014, gives Home Depot the leading edge in online sales of window coverings and related products. It was acquired at a boom time in the sector and as part of the Home Depot success and continued ever since.


Acquired in 2012, Redbeacon  has given Home Depot a massive head start when it comes to online sales. The company provides an online search directory of local business listings with ratings and reviews of screened and approved home contractors. Customers using the site can get multiple price quotes and schedule appointments with local business professionals.




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