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Different Christmas Trees for Your Home

Different Christmas Trees for Your Home

For inspiration on how to decorate your home this Christmas there is no place better than Lowes. Armed with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save a ton of money on Christmas decorations this year. At the heart of the Christmas home you will nearly always find the Christmas tree. We all have a perceived idea of what a Christmas tree should be and for most of us the green tree with needles is just that. However, there are plenty of ideas that can make a very different Christmas tree that still oozes with the joy and charm we all want at this time of year. Here are a few very different Christmas tree ideas

Reclaimed Wood Tree

As the world seeks to go greener Christmas tree alternatives are becoming more eco friendly. The reclaimed wood Christmas tree is a modern Christmas tree that has grown in popularity over the years.  Pieces of wood stacked and nailed together in the shape of a Christmas tree make a wonderful and very decorative tree that will wow your friends and neighbours.

Upcycled Christmas Tree

Looking around your home or around the flea markets you will all kinds of different things that you can stack in the shape of a traditional Christmas tree. From jam jars to flowerpots and garden pails anything that can be stacked can be upcycled, given some lights and decorations and become a wonderful and very stylish Christmas tree. This extremely eco-friendly idea has become tremendously popular in recent years.

Cactus Christmas Tree

This is a really quirky idea that in states where the sun shines on Christmas day have become popular. A cactus, live or fake, can become a very trendy Christmas tree that will create countless future memories. 

Cardboard Christmas Tree

Something as simple as cardboard, recycled or otherwise,  makes a fantastic modern Christmas tree. For those on a budget or those with limited space for a tree cardboard trees are the perfect solution.  A cardboard tree doesn’t have to be green either, pink, purple, blue or yellow you can choose any color and anyone will still instinctively know it is a Christmas tree.

Rope Ladder Christmas Tree

Where space is yet again a problem a rope ladder Christmas tree can hang on a wall. A fun DIY project that the whole family will love produces a wonderful Christmas tree alternative. A rope ladder Christmas tree can hang in a child’s bedroom and supplement your conventional tree is wanted.

Edible Christmas Tree

Not so much a Christmas tree as in the normal sense but a wonderful table centerpiece. An edible Christmas tree makes any Christmas lunch setting something very special and everyone can eat a piece with the dessert after the meal… if they have room!

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