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The Benefits of Block Out Blinds in your Home

With the rising costs of heating and cooling and an ever more green-conscious world Block Out Blinds have never been a better thing to consider for your home.  Lowes stocks a wide selection of block out or black out blinds. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on block out and black out blinds for your home.


Block out Blinds do what nature has done for millions of years and what man has to a degree lost touch with as so called “energy efficient” heaters and air conditioning units have been developed for the instant gratification generation.  Sadly the instant gratification generation and their “greener machines” are perhaps not leaving much of a future for another generation.  Block out Blinds are greener than any heater or air conditioner can ever even think of becoming and bring savings and good looks together in a single, simple solution.


Most of the time we want daylight shining in to avoid the use of expensive to run, further heat-producing lights but there are instances where the need for daylight is  not required.  Consider the shift worker trying to sleep who not only battles with the sunlight but has to switch on the air conditioner to cool down, or in winter where a heater in on full blast just to keep the room warm as the heat just escapes through the window area. This is just one solution offered by block out blinds.


Extremely environmentally friendly, the blinds can even be made from green materials, block out blinds offer protection from the sun and heat in the most simple and effective way known to man. Other than eliminating light and glare, keeping heat out or keeping heat in are the two things that block out blinds excel at and deliver so much. Consider a normal house…


In summer would you prefer to come home to a naturally cool house or one where you need to switch on the energy and money consuming aircon to feel comfortable?


Most people would prefer a naturally cool home and many don’t like the thought that the aircon, although convenient, is costing money to run.  The solution to this is block out blinds. All day you are not at home, the sun beats down and heats the rooms in the house and this heat is released slowly and thus the house you come home it is hot and uncomfortable. With block out blinds installed the heat of the sun coming into the house is close to prevented and the house cannot get as hot and thus the first thing done when arriving home is not switch on the aircon but let the daylight in. The cooler later afternoon sun gently warms the rooms and the comfort level is one that is more than just bearable and with a gentle breeze you can feel nature at her best, feeling confident it has cost you almost nothing.


Likewise in the winter months, all day you can let the warm sunshine in to heat the house and then as the temperature drops and night falls the block out blinds can be drawn to keep the stored up warmth in. Heaters and fireplaces become more efficient and this means cost saving. 


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