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5 uses for your spare room - part 2

5 uses for your spare room - part 2


Rather than letting your spare bedroom serve as a catch-all, transform it into a room that strengthens the spirit or enriches the mind. You can even make it a little bit of both with decor and a few design tweaks.


Give your spare bedroom an elegant makeover with wall panelling and a sophisticated shade of brown. Then add a vanity table, a chair or bench, and lots of storage for towels, creams, and beauty supplies. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons converting your spare room into a useful room costs less,


3. Gym

Many spare bedrooms become the furniture graveyard, a space that holds old hand-me-downs and clutter until guests come over. Rather than let this room remain a disorganized catch-all, use some of our pro tips to transform it into the secluded reading space or home library you've always dreamed of having.


A woodburning stove and comfy upholstered chair make for the perfect place to curl up with a book, especially in a room with a dark, moody paint job. This is a good use for a spare bedroom when the weather turns cool and you want to spend more time in the comfort of your own home.


Having a dedicated homework station is ideal for children and teenagers, as it will allow them to focus on their schoolwork without distractions like televisions and gaming systems. Line the walls with shelving and create a comfy nook for studying by positioning a desk near a window and choosing a desk chair that you can sink into for long periods of time.


For those who love to craft, a home workshop is the perfect use for a spare bedroom. Add a table for your sewing machine or crafting supplies, some shelves and plenty of baskets to store everything neatly. You'll be able to tame your arts and crafts chaos and enjoy the creative process in your own private retreat.


Creating a home gym in your spare bedroom is a great way to stay fit and avoid the expense of memberships to overcrowded fitness centers. You can set up a basic setup with a pull-up bar, ab roller and some dumbbells or create a more comprehensive workout area with a rowing machine, weights and a punch bag.


4. Craft room

A dedicated craft room is the ideal spot to indulge in your favourite hobby. Whether you're into arts and crafts, DIY or scrapbooking, it's important to have plenty of storage and workspace so that you can keep all your materials organised and accessible. A set of wooden cabinets can go a long way, but even if you don't have the budget to buy bespoke furniture you can still improvise – for instance, repurpose an old spice rack and hang it on a wall to hold your pens and pencils.


In an age where social media and online tutorials mean that learning a new skill is easier than ever, turning your spare room into a sewing room or art studio makes perfect sense. The advantage of a space that's away from the main areas of your home means it can be used as a retreat, free from distractions. Add an island table, an ample work area and open shelving for storage so you're ready to let your creative juices flow.


It's a good idea to create a separate space for your hobbies and interests because it can be easy to let them take over your living spaces. Plus, having a dedicated space to relax in and indulge in your favourite pastimes will help you to feel more rejuvenated and energised.


If you have a small spare bedroom, use the walls to create a walk-in wardrobe and spruce up your clothes with a set of mirrored doors and chic bedding like this. Opt for a softer shade of grey rather than cool blue, as it will make the room more inviting and give it that boutique hotel vibe.


5. Storage


If your home is short on storage, turn your spare room into a dressing room, like this stylish space from Pottery Barn. Reserve a corner for a vanity table, a lighted mirror and plenty of storage for cosmetics, lotions and beauty tools. Paint the walls a calming hue and you'll have an indulgent, spa-like retreat right in your own home.


Spare bedrooms can be a great place to create an artist's studio or crafting area. Outfit the room with a worktable, plenty of shelving and a desk chair or armchair to create your own productive nook. Hanging whiteboards to the walls gives you ample space to map out ideas and let your creativity flow.


If you have young kids, a playroom is a good use of a spare room. Give your little ones a place to store their toys, books and games, while keeping them organized and out of the way. Make it a place for them to enjoy with the addition of some comfy seating and a TV. Add some wall art to complete the look.

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