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Easy Ways to Cool Your Living Room Down this Summer

Easy Ways to Cool Your Living Room Down this Summer

Summer is coming and Lowes has everything you need to make summer at home amazing.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can make summer better for less. If you're looking for ways to cool your living room this summer, there are several simple ways to do so. There are several ways to cool your living room yourself, including ceiling fans and window film. However, these options tend to be more expensive. To keep your costs down, here are some easy ways to cool your living room this summer:

Easy ways to reduce wasted heat

If you're worried about wasted heat in your living room this summer, there are a few easy ways to help you stay cool. First, close up any windows that face south. That way, the warm air will escape the room and remain more concentrated in one place. Also, if you have a ceiling fan, you can turn it anti-clockwise to circulate more air. Just remember to switch it back to clockwise once the weather cools off.

DIY air conditioner

One way to keep your living room cool during the summer months is to create a DIY air conditioner from a milk carton. Then, add a fan and a copper coil. Then, attach the copper coils to the fan. Your living room will feel cool and refreshing in no time. This DIY air conditioner will cost less than $10. Alternatively, you can buy a real air conditioner at a local hardware store and install it yourself.

Ceiling fans

Adding ceiling fans to your living room can cool it down during the summer, but the benefits don't stop there. Ceiling fans can also be used to warm up your home in the winter, drawing warm air up from the floor and forcing it down toward the body. Because they can be turned to various speeds and directions, they can be used for both heating and cooling your home. A ceiling fan with a remote control is the most convenient, making it much easier to reverse its direction when needed.

Window film

This summer, you may be looking for ways to cool down your living room. The midsummer sun can be particularly hot, so cranking up the air conditioning can be a challenge. Thankfully, professional window film is a simple way to combat the glare. Not only will window film block 98 percent of infrared light, it will also give your living room a mirrored look. Lastly, it's easy to roll up and store.

DIY evaporative air cooler

If you are sick of paying a premium for air conditioning, you can make your own DIY evaporative air cooler to cool down your living room this summer. These devices use a fan and water-soaked pads to pull in cool air and expel damp air. These devices are often referred to as swamp coolers. This cool system uses less electricity than conventional air conditioners and is an excellent option for homes with electricity issues

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