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Bathroom Trends 2022

Bathroom Trends 2022

Many people have gone through 2021 with a dull and drab bathroom. This should not be so. You deserve a superb bathroom and you can have one. You need a bathroom that wakes you up in the morning, a bathroom that relaxes you in the evening or simply washes your family easily. With a little help from Lowes and a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can have a great bathroom. But what bathroom trends for 2022 should you be considering for your dream bathroom?

All-in-One Shower and Bath

Once upon a time a shower over a bathtub was considered state of the art. Then came separate bath and showers and that was awesome.  Today you need the ultimate all-in-one Shower and bath . This is a glass-enclosed cubical that quite literally has a shower and a bath within it, a mini-wet-room if you like and is the perfect blend of practicality and convenience.

Indoors outdoors both

Earthy natural tones will  remain popular throughout 2022 but some designers say it can go futher. Larger windows that open up to the outdoors and maybe even a tub or shower on a deck leading from the bathroom are what some say could be trendy. Brining a more outdoors look to indoors through timber and plants will also be a trend.

Twin Shower Heads

Why have one showerhead when two is better? A popular trend for the foreseeable future is that of twin showerheads.  A great way for people to shower simultaneously making shower time fun for those who wish.  A great way for mom to shower with a child and make life easier. Now there is no need to wait for your partner to finish showering… you can just join them!

The Wet Room

It has been coming for a long time but having a wet room rather than a bathroom is very much the style. A wet room used to be a smaller and more compact bathroom but designers are making wet rooms bigger and encompassing the entire bathroom as per normal only allowing everything to get wet.

Blue Bathroom

Blue will certainly be one of the in colors for 2022.  Cool shades of blue have always looked good in a bathroom and in 2022 this will be considered stylish to a tee. Touches of navy and indigo add a touch of class while soft pastels soften to perfection making a bathroom a room you will want to stay in much longer than normal.

Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum

Each year there is always one trend that seems a little more daring than others. In 2022 designers think the trend will be the very sweet and playful cotton candy and bubble gum. Bright, upbeat and chic, will this be your bathroom theme for the year ahead?

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