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Bathroom Storage Ideas - Part 2

Bathroom Storage Ideas - Part 2

Home Depot is a store full of practical, functional and good looking ideas for every room in the house. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on practical solutions for every room in your home. Bathroom storage is one such space and in part  two part of this article will fill you with more bathroom storage ideas.


Fabric Trash Cans


DIY fabric trash cans are cute enough to stand out on open shelves or your closet countertop, so you can save drawer space for less frequently used items. Use spare toiletry baskets to place under the bathroom sink where it can be easily cluttered, use the walls for shelves or storage for stairs and remember that the back of the door can always be used to hang anything from shopping bags , toilet paper to toilet paper. bathrobes and towels, of course. If you have space, adding a linen closet to your bathroom gives you plenty of room for towels, spare bedding, and essentials. A clean glass shelf above the sink is a simple yet effective bathroom storage idea, offering storage space for skin care products and other essentials like a toothbrush.


Mirror Cabinet


According to some designers, the mirror cabinet above the sink offers the perfect hidden space for toiletries and toothbrushes that might otherwise clutter up your bathroom ideas. This bathroom towel rack makes use of the extra space for a towel rack and is perfect for storing shampoo, conditioner or lotion. An ingenious bathroom shelving idea can be a tall, freestanding shelf that takes up minimal floor space and fits next to the sink, tub or shower. If you're looking for ideas for a small bathroom, opt for furniture with a mirrored front to create a spacious feel and not waste space around the sink - built-in hidden drawers are perfect for laundry essentials.


Art and Trinkets


Cute bathroom ideas include creative storage and clever use of art and trinkets to add flair to a barren space. With the right storage space, even the smallest bathroom can look luxurious. Add in well-chosen storage space and it can make a huge difference in a bathroom. The over-toilet bathroom organizer won't take up too much space, but it will completely change your storage game - trust the New York Post.


Essy Access


If you want to organize your small bathroom and keep it that way, make sure your storage solutions are in easily accessible places so you can use them on a daily basis. These hacks will increase your bathroom storage space by helping you keep your cosmetics, toiletries, and linens organized. If you have a small bathroom or a large family - or both - then you probably need smart bathroom storage ideas to help keep the clutter behind closed doors and put more eye-catching items on display. The variety of modular bathroom shelving with different components means you can change your storage system to make it bigger or smaller, creating a layout that better matches the surface and space.



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